I’ve always been annoyed about claims and pinning for somebodies’ “golden generation”, when everything was perfect and much different from today’s crappy world.  Those that lived through the 60s complained about Generation X. Those that fought through WWII, the so called Greatest Generation, complained about the Baby Boomers.  Those that lived through the depression complained about kids that would become the Greatest Generation.  Those that lived through World War I complained about the spoiled youth that would live through the depression and it goes on and on.   The reality is things were just as sh*t or good as they always were.  In that vein I whipped up this graphic:


Inspired after I saw this Louis CK clip (Read: 7 Hilarious and totally Offensive Stand up bits) and an image I came across from Nixon’s campaign:

Nixon campaign
For best view click for a bigger resolution. I’ve never seen so many cameras — More Info on Picture

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