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Land of the Rising Sun!

RapeLay is a 3D ” rape simulator” by Illusion Soft, makers of the Artificial Girl series. The player takes the role of a rapist who stalks a family consisting of three young women, raping them repeatedly until their will breaks and they become his slaves. These games are very Popular in Japan, and many different editions have been released.
The main character is a sexual predator who attempts to grope a teenage girl named Aoi Kiryuu, only to wind up arrested when she screams bloody murder. Your wealthy parents bribe the police into letting you go, so you decide that as punishment for her wholy lawful act, you will rape Aoi, as well as her mother and younger sister.

RapeLay’s gameplay is divided in three main parts:

* Phase One

The games begins with the player following the victim at the train station. In this first phase one of the few things you can do, is pray the gods for a quick squall of winds that will blow up the victims skirt.

* Phase Two

Once on the train the actual groping may begin, once the victim is aroused the train will stop and the next phase of the game begins.

* Phase Three

The third and final phase of every scene is the actual rape scene, NPC rapists (This Term, “NPC Rapists” is now Forever stuck in my lexicon.) can be called in to participate in the event. The location in which this happens varies with the victims. The actual location of the rape depends on the characters being raped. Yuuko’s location is in the park, Aoi gets raped in a bathroom and Manaka in her bedroom.

* Free Phase

Once the “story” is done the player gains access to “free play” here the player can select which character and where this character should be raped. In addition to the 3 different “rape locations” that the player has access to the story mode, three new locations become available, A hotel room, an alley and the subway itself.

* Pregnancy and Abortion

Once “Free Phase” is unlocked the different girls can get pregnant if you choose to ejaculate inside them during vaginal sex. If a child gets born the player will be thrown in front of the subway train. Forced abortion will result in the girls committing suicide by suicide pill.

* Endings

There are only two different endings in Rapelay, both of which involve the player character dying. If you have sex with Aoi in the cowgirl position before her will is broken, you will get an ending where she takes advantage of the position to stab you to death with a pair of scissors. The other ending occurs if you let a pregnant girl carry her baby to term. Unwilling to let the child be raised by you, the mother pushes you in front of a train the next time you’re at the subway station. There is no “happy” or “good” ending in RapeLay; if you avoid these two endings, the game lets you go on raping the women forever.


Japan, this is some nihilistic stuff here.

Get your act together.

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