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These are some Choice cuts if you will that the other scumbag I share this blog with, Yosomono, and I think warrant your attention.

We know most of you are so lazy you wouldn’t even walk across the street to take a leak on us if we were burning alive, but, after reviewing our lists, you can comment below about which posts you prefer….and we will even pretend that we care.

7 Kinkiest films of all time

7 Kinkiest films of all time

Teaching English in Japan

The biggest threats to teaching English in Japan

A number of new technologies and trends are threatening to bring the world of the western teacher to an end.

Chijo gropes me on the train

Crazy Woman Gropes me on Train

ME: dude, some woman is groping me on the train.
Rionne: Ok. Is she hot?

Immigration Detention

Help! I’m trapped in Visa Jail!

Letters From the Immigration Lockup

Love Letter

Family Tradition: War Junkies

GaijinAss takes a look at Anthony Loyd the great-grandson of the infamous one eyed, one handed British warrior Adrian Carton de Wiart

Are You Racist?

Now ask yourself…are you?


GTO: Gaijin Teacher OHMYGOD!

The truth behind teaching English in Japan


6 things Japan gave up to be “civilized” that we “civilized” cultures now do

Six things given up by the Japanese so that they would seem civilized that the rest of the world now does or do.


7 MUST READ Books for Warriors

The Warrior code: the ideology of purity and cleansing found in immediate white-hot action in the form of combat.

Pictures you'll never see

5 pictures you’ll never see

Famous pictures that will never see the light of day.


Advancing feminism through porn

Annabel Chong had a dream, a dream to liberate women through sacrificing her own body.


9 Sport teams that time has deemed offensive

Examples include Pekin Chinks, Windsor Swastikas, Atlanta Black Crackers, Fighting Coons … yes Coons


She Works Hard for the Money

Guest poster Le Tigre talks about the pitfalls of working as a Hostess in Japan.


Corn Soup Confessions

The Trials and tribulations of “Teaching” English at a secluded mountain school in Japan.


Yura: Japanese Dominatrix

I first met Yura at the very beginning of 2007, February I believe. Stereotypically enough we met at a bar in Shinjuku, a busy area in central Tokyo. When I first met Yura the initial point that caught my eye was her height….


CARVER: Tactical Target Analysis

CARVER. It works for the Special Forces, it might work for you too.

My Goodbye to Gonzo

It would be fair to say, in fact, I can say it with ease and absolute certainty; Nobody, and that means nobody, partied as hard with Rocky “Gonzo” Gonzales as I did.

Chimps with abuse problems

Chimps with substance abuse problems


Japan ain’t so f*#ked up – Host guys

… other Japanese women are attracted to, what I call the, “effeminate pimp look”


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26 thoughts on “Favorites

    1. I know. I am a Heart Breaker, in fact that is my middle name. Write another one, who knows, maybe you will make the cut….no promises

      1. No way I have writers block these days, and I also haven’t been able to stop watching Bed Intruder on YouTube long enough to do anything productive for the past month.

  1. The Hemingway/Mishima article appears to have vanished, the link just gives me a Page is Not Available. 😦 I was looking forward to reading that. New to the site, so far I really like it. Good job.

  2. Great Pirate tales on the Cracked site, well done, loved it.

    Alas, have you ever heard of Adm. Benbow? His name appears in the story of ‘Treasure Island’ as the name of the tavern where young Jim Hawkins lived and worked, and there was a catchy little chanty about his death.

    He was a Brit commander with a medium sized fleet who was confronted with a friggin huge French fleet, he was outnumbered …VASTLY outnumbered. But being British and at sea, He didn’t think of it as a problem. So he orded his fleet to launch an attack the next day. That is when the fun began.

    His fleet captains saw the odds and decided “….uh, no, forget this sh—” and took off in the middle of the night, Figuring, Benbow wouldn’t survive and they would live it up in England. So the next morning, Adm. Benbow wakes up to find that damn near all the fleet left him and just a few loyalist remaining. So…he said “Screw it, I’m British, I’m at sea, what’s the problem, and screw them and screw the French” He went into battle and promptly wiped out the French fleet. So, I guess he was right, he was British, he was a sea, how would an enemy fleet be a problem.

    But the story does have a happy ending, he survived the battle, barely, suffering a wound so grave that he ordered that his bed be stood up on end and lashed up to the quarterdeck and himself strapped in it so that he would be facing the enemy when he died. He didn’t -heh heh… No, he survived and went back to England and caught up with his captains.

    They were tried, they were hung.

    Rule Britania!

  3. Can’t help but notice you mentioned Japanese Consul-General Chiune Sugihara in your article 6 greatest War Heroes who got screwed out of history books. However you failed to mention Joseph Rabe… A NAZI who saved more than 200,000 Chinese from the Japanese Army during the Rape of Nanking.

    1. Actually if we span the eons I think we would find that a lot of people were left out. It’s a finite amount of space and an even more finite amount of cumulative attention spans which we have to work with. This is a good place to post some of the honorable mentions however.

  4. Read your article concerning individuals who had been “screwed” by history. The section dealing with the French army and the fact that many of its troop were from Africa left out one important part. Many of the French African troops were from Morocco and these troops had a terrible record of rape and pillage especially in northern Italy. Also, outside of the Soviets, the French occupational troops, again these same French African troops, committed the greatest number of rapes in the occupied zones after the war. Not to denigrate the courage and valor of the Free French and their contributions to the Allied victory, but also consider that the tanks, jeeps, weapons and other supplies which they had all came from their allies. The Free French may have liberated Paris, and really that is how it should have been, but in their rush to free the city, they crossed divisional boundaries which delayed other units from being able to attack their objectives.

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