One of the big culture shocks in Japan is the state of the, “Stylish” Japanese male: 80s hair, effeminate, and with a suit straight out of a manga comic. Of course not all do but a lot of women see these guys as the be all and end all of the male species. Some of the attraction is of course based on the manga culture which idolizes this style while other Japanese women are attracted to, what I call the, “effeminate pimp look” because they see these impeccably dressed guys as the closest they will ever get to a loving relationship. These manga men represent the fantasy of not a big percentage wise but still ALOT of women living in a culture where everything is defined by cuteness. The extreme of this cuteness is the Japanese Host.

The Japanese Host is the male counterpart to the hostess, which is a girl who for money will provide company to a guy. Yes, in Japan there is a huge industry that caters to women. Western women listen up! You too can pay hundreds of dollars to have a guy be attentive, treat you like a princess and pour your drinks.

Q – So are Japanese women so desperate that they have to pay men to pour them drinks … and more?

While I’m sure some women do pay for this service the industry is for the most part totally supported by girls from the, “entertainment” industry. Hostess girls, glory hole girls, all the way up to full out call girls take a large portion of the money they make doing whatever things a salary man desires and spend it on getting wasted with a charming, non-threatening, guy in very expensive suit.

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