“If this is going bad you have to tell me. You have to decide to leave because I can’t. I’m Irish and I’ll stay in a bad relationship for 30 years.”

I can’t remember where I heard that but it should have been a Japanese person saying it.

With the gamut of blame diffusing cultural concepts at its disposal, Japan seems to be the preeminent locale for avoiding being blamed for anything and for accepting everything.  The only rule which seems necessary to observe is a careful protection of the surface layer; appearance must be maintained at all costs.  One can do nearly anything, pushing the envelope to the absolute edge of whatever mountain of excess and depravity you’ve climbed, as long as Wa is maintained.

Maintain appearances at all costs.

Maintain Wa.

Conversely, in the west, an obsession with “the truth” and with confrontation, one might even say an addiction to it, means appearances are rarely if ever maintained and things seem to constantly be war-torn, tattered and dysfunctional.  This post might read like a condemnation of Japan, but I will say this: I’ve never heard a Japanese man refer to the mother of his kids, wife or ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, as any of the following, a whore, a slut, a money hungry bitch, all popular monikers in the west for women men once considered near and dear.  I’ll at least give Japan that credit. But moving on…

This cultural phenomenon of acceptance can be seen on level after level in Japan.

Pre-teens gorge on erotic and often sexually violent comic books and normal middle class parents simply do not register it. Middle aged men on crowded trains sit, packed in next to young mothers/junior high school girls/grandmothers, and read porn comics or just porno magazines or watch adult videos on their phones.

At school after school I’ve encountered kids who clearly have learning disabilities, including what I think was Autism in one case, and low-level mental retardation in another case, sitting in the normal classes, their issues utterly ignored.  Well, ignored until one boy was found standing naked, in the middle of winter, on the roof at the edge of the pool shivering violently; he’d been missing for hours. But he was back in class, drooling and staring out the window the next day; his parents had insisted nothing was “wrong” with him and he should attend standard classes.

Bullying in school, constant and never-ending bullying day in and day out, directed at whoever has earned the scorn of the class for whatever reason, is almost always ignored.  If the targeted student can’t handle it, they simply take a few months off school. If their parents don’t allow that then they’ll either suffer in silence, or if they’re lucky a leaked video online might disturb the surface enough so something is done. Otherwise they generally just kill themselves.  Westerners often don’t understand this, but consider that in Japanese high school, the students stay in the same class and teachers come to them.  There is no escape if your attackers are in your own class and all the staff, in fact the country, refers to them as “your friends”.

Women the world over suffer at the hands of men.  It’s a problem the human race still struggles to deal with and likely always will.  Japan is no exception, however, this struggle is usually conducted in silence and with the tacit permission of society as a whole.  As of this writing it’s 2017 and chikan, or “train groping” is still widely seen as “a nuisance.  So, let’s imagine you’re a female and the principal cause of all harm which befalls you, statistically a man, is covertly rubbing your genitals while you’re packed into a crowded rush hour train.  You say nothing because you have such a hard-wired reverence for maintaining Wand are too embarrassed to make a scene, he might follow you home and rape you anyway like your Mom taught you, so just let him grope you and get over it.   You should have used the all female train carriage anyway.

Maybe men of various ages are pushed to these behaviors due to the variety of kinky, rape based video games available for their pleasure?  Well, it turns out this is an actual real thing, a phenomenon people have known exists for 20 years and game developers have consistently denied.  So, spending two or three hours a day engaged in rape simulations might have some effect on one’s world view.  But the games continue to sell, apps have been developed, ten-year old’s have smart phones.  The world turns and Japan clings to its appearances.

Young people just aren’t having sex and hence are not producing the offspring Japan so desperately needs to support it’s rapidly aging population. Syouganai ne, nobody wants to have kids in this dismal economy so everyone stopped having sex.  Sexless twenty-somethings and sexless marriages. No sex Japan. Except, Japan is having a ton of sex.  Low divorce rate? Yes. But what’s the rate of Japanese married couples who actually live in different places?  I assure you, it’s high.  But hey, appearances march onward.

As of this writing, the Japanese economy is third in the world, and this is because the Japanese government is the number one purchasers of Japanese stocks.  The market stays afloat and the numbers look positive so, Wa has been satisfied and appearances maintained.  So, when I publish my book, would it make sense for me to make use of this strategy and buy hundreds and hundreds of copies of my own novel?  Well, it wouldn’t work for me because unlike the Japanese, my friends and family would point out that “The only person buying this shit is you.” and then they would follow this truth with raucous laughter, as they should.

This is the part when so many foreigners enchanted with the land of the rising consumption tax dash to the forefront to defend their lady liege. “But, it’s so safe here.” Over and over, this seems to be what it boils down to, safety; Japan’s so safe.  Well, no. Japan is so safe for you.  How many people do you know or family members do you have who have died in earthquakes or were displaced due to the nuclear terror in 2011?  I knew many Japanese friends who lost family, old friends and homes.  Not so safe.  Domestic violence is a real problem in Japan and goes largely unreported, and when reported, unpoliced.  The police claim to have a 99% conviction rate, which is comical, and numerous cases of innocent people going to prison for years and years bubble up to the surface year after year.  So, perhaps Japan is safe for you, but how safe is it for everyone else? And in the end, safety is achieved by giving away freedoms.  Japan is “so safe” seemingly, because the Japanese people have agreed to let so much slide, live in a kind of developed relative poverty and ignore reality.  People live on the edge of depression and complete mental collapse, hoping desperately nobody asks them how to say “It’s over there” in English.

Why is Japan like this? I don’t know. A variety of culture components, largely discussed all over the internet, and which will be skipped here.  In the end the why doesn’t matter.  The whole country is soaking in secrets, denial and a constant general state of unease, with the pressure never allowed release until something snaps and someone jumps off a building, into an oncoming train, or stabs 20 people in a care center.

Lives of quiet desperation and acceptance.

Just. Keep. Appearances.




This is a chapter out of my ridiculous memoir I’m writing about my time and misadventures in Tokyo.  The title is called “J-girls.” Reader beware: I’m a horrible person and if you’re just figuring that out you haven’t been paying attention.



I didn’t go back to the gym for weeks and weeks.  My body was a shambles.  I’d only been in the fight for minutes but it took me weeks to be able to walk normally again due to serious pain in my upper left leg and my jaw didn’t close properly for months.

I had gotten my ass kicked, straight up ass whipped, and that was largely my fault.  I told myself it didn’t matter and that I’d be back in the ring soon.  But the reality was that it was really bothering me and instead of taking care of injuries and probably seriously looking at a hiatus from drinking, well, I sort of went the other way with that.  I started drinking a lot more.

Beer had been the staple but during this time, and over the following summer months I would switch to vodka and juice, or gin and juice, respectively.  What this meant was that I got a lot more uninhibited and so did all the women I was drinking with.

So, it was a Saturday night when I was drinking at home with Ayako, getting ready to strip her and humiliate her somehow, when Peter came rapping at the door.

“What’s up?”

Peter smiled at Ayako. “Hey guys.”

I sighed.

“Yeah, what’s up, man?”

“There’s a party just over here. Some guys I know that opened that new English school are having a party there.  Want to come with?”  He asked.

I looked at Ayako, she looked at me and we just shrugged.

“Sure, why not?”

I got up and pulled on a black t-shirt.  I went and looked in the mirror.  I still had the left overs from a massive black eye, and I looked really thin. I hadn’t been eating much, mostly drinking. I then applied some wax, spiking my hair up semi-Mohawk fashion and we all headed out.  Why not, right? Pete had said the drinks were free and there were lots of people there and that was fine with me.  I wanted a distraction and Ayako, bless her heart, wasn’t getting the job done as of late.

The party…was packed with women. Not ugly ones either; these guys had done well.  The beers were flowing in the relatively small party space and around 40 people were in attendance. Probably 30 were female, average ages in the mid-twenties.

Peter introduced me to the brothers, a couple of red-headed twins, who had opened the conversation school.  They weren’t American I don’t think but who cares.  They had packed a lot of ass into this party and the beer was cold and it was on the house.

My kind of party.

Within an hour, after about five beers and some laughs with Pete and Ayako, Ayako leaned into me and whispered “Every girl here is staring at you.”

I took this in.  Then turned and caught my reflection in a large window against the night outside; oh yeah, I looked really good tonight; Simple, little rough, but good. Oh and unless I was mistaken, I was the tallest guy in the room.

I turned back to Ayako.

“Nah, I look like I just woke up, that’s all.” I said.

She stared at me for a moment then drank her beer.  She stayed closer to me after that.

However, she had to go home that night, praise Jesus, and I left with her and we walked to the station.

At the ticket gate of Nakano Shimbashi station, she turned to look at me, and asked “You’re going home, right?” And she kind of stared at me.

“Yes, of course. I’m totally worn out and have work tomorrow.” I said and smiled.  She stared at me for another minute with her big white smile she inexplicably had, and always wore when she was uncomfortable about something.

“OK. Well, goodnight.” She said.

And after she put her ticket in and passed through the ticket gate said over her shoulder, “Have fun.”

I watched her walk down the stairs and out of sight.

Ayako, such a beautiful devoted and hardworking young woman.  She had and still, to this day, has a special little spot in my heart.  It isn’t regular to encounter someone like her, so honest and open and so willing to please; A true gem.

So, back at the party, I was cleaning house. Over the course of the next hour or so I got no less than 10 phone numbers and I started to make out with some 19 year old, gorgeous piece, and then was lucky enough to get the last Grolsch.

I was sitting off in the corner, next to the secretary, who was an absolute 10, and who had been hired due to this fact and whom none of the all-male staff had been able to penetrate yet,  and I was having her write her number down on a napkin when Peter came up.

“Of course you are sitting here with the most beautiful girl in the room…”

“Yeah, can I perhaps, like, help you with something Petey?” I asked, motioning with my head for him to go away.

“Well, I think we’re getting kicked out.” He said, and looked nervously over his shoulder.

I glanced up, alarmed at this as I wanted to chat up the 19-year-old some more, and possibly, take her home.  Sure enough, the two red-headed goons, another brown-haired goon and the decently tolerable blond guy who had been manning the beer station were all huddled together staring over in our direction.

Just at that moment the smoking hot secretary finished writing her email and number on the napkin, I snatched it up, mumbled a thank you and Peter and I started walking toward the door.  Better to effect a smooth exit with a pocket full of solid leads than to make a scene and turn someone off.

Well, half way to the door the 19-year-old and her entourage stepped between us and the door and began laughing and chatting to us.  Now, I was focused on the 19 year old, and mostly on what her ass was going to look like naked in my room in about 25 minutes, but now I noticed her friend, a tall, long, raven haired office worker type who was holding my arm and giving me come hither stairs, high volume, and kind of panting.

“You’re Yuka, right?” I looked down at her, literally on my arm, and ask. We had spoken earlier.

“Yeah. Are you leaving?”

“I think I’m getting kicked out.” I said, glancing at the gay brigade and seeing the jealousy mounting.

“I’m going with you.” She said. Not asked. Said.

This took me off guard for a minute and I kind of stood up straight, looked her over, taking it all in. I nodded.


It was at this point the gang had encircled us and was pushing us toward the door. I turned around and began waving to everyone, ridiculously.

“I love you all!” I cried out.

“You are really getting kicked out?” Yuka asked now as she was shuffled with us out the door.  One of the red-headed nit-wits answered. “Yes, he is.” And with that Peter, Yuka and I were shoved unceremoniously out the door and stumbled onto the street.

As we stumbled out the door I, oops, let my hand brush up against Yuka’s butt.  Firm and high, I gave it a little squeeze and felt her glutes flex in response.

As we began to walk away, heading vaguely toward our flat, not far away, Yuka hanging on my arm again, I felt someone behind us and turned around.  There, in the middle of the street was the brown-haired doughnut eater looking guy, I swear to god, with his hands on his hips, staring at us as we walked away.

I stopped, turned around fully and looked at him, he was about 10 paces back. “Yeah? What the fuck do you want?” I said.

“Just making sure you don’t come back in.” He said.

I took him again and shook my head.

“And who the fuck are you, buddy?” I asked, my arms raised.

“I’m the guy who mistakenly invited you.” He said.

Just then Peter, sniveling, sorry if you’re reading this now Pete but you were absolutely sniveling, came up next to me and said “Man, I’m not a big guy.” Meaning, he didn’t want to get in a fight.

“Well, I am a big guy.” I said, staring at the dumpy looking sentinel.

“Look, uh, do you really want to do this? Because we can. But if we do, I’m gonna do everything in my power to knock all your teeth smooth the fuck out. So, like, consider your options or something?” I said, in a loud clear voice as I started to feel a trickle of adrenaline coming.

He took all this in, looked at me, I was tall, fit, broad-shouldered and clearly buzzed and smiling.  Abruptly he turned and walked back toward the door of the school and went inside.

I just stood there on the dark street for a moment then, turned back around. Peter looked relieved. Yuka looked absolutely flushed and I thought she might strip right there.  We moved to the apartment fast.

The first bout was very rough, down and dirty.  I didn’t even get her top off, I had just pulled off her skirt, panty hose and panties, had thrown her down on the futon and had immediately began fucking her.  She was moaning and mumbling and saying “He was so scared of you.” And “I thought you were going to beat him.” And these things were obviously really turning her on, so, I choked her a little and she came.

We laid around for an hour, talking about a million things while she smoked. I made us some vodka cocktails as well. I was beginning to find out that Yuka was not the conservative office woman she appeared to be. Not by a long shot.

During our conversation, SM came up.  She said she had played before but had never been M, or submissive. Well, did I require more of an invitation? I did not.

I had her stripped naked, bound well and tight, waist, arms, wrists behind her. Her modest bust thoroughly roped up causing her nipples to swell and I had shoved her tiny, wet, thong panty in her mouth and then had tightly strapped a red latex harness ball gag, 2,500 yen on Rakuten and I was getting every yen’s worth, into her mouth and over her head.  I then tied a rope from the collar I had put on her, to a hook in my ceiling so she couldn’t sit down, couldn’t move around.  She could just stand there. It was glorious and the look on her face was perfection; utter humiliation.

I could literally see juice from her cunt dripping, I repeat dripping, off of her.

I sipped my cocktail, a vodka and pink grapefruit juice, and stared at her before I spoke.

“How does it feel to be a whore?” I asked, staring blankly at her.

She moaned and looked at me. Her face a perfect replica of a dog someone has beaten.

I finally fucked her, on her knees torso still fully tied, bent over resting face down on the sofa.  Me behind her, I took time in her soaking wet pussy, spanking her, then I easily slid into her asshole which had been covered, drenched, in her own cunt juice and I pushed in first the head of my steel rod cock, and getting no resistance, or real reaction at all either from her or her butthole, I then pushed myself fully inside her up to the base of my shaft.  This did illicit a response; a deep horny moan which despite her panties in her mouth and the gag, filled the room and I took it as an invitation to thoroughly stretch  her ass, which I did for nearly twenty minutes, before I filled it with load number two.

The orgasm was exceptionally strong and I gripped handfuls of the meat on her slim ass very hard, leaving marks which would be bruises later.  I then got up, left her there and went and took a shower.

She slept over and things with Yuko, and people in general, soon would begin to get much more interesting.  Yuko was they beginning of me slowly realzing that in Tokyo, everyone is connected to everyone, just 2 or 3 degrees removed, and someone is always doing things behind a curtain, just out of site.





GJS and DJ Operator talk podcasts, Celebrity Chefs and everything Fedor.



LISTGASM 5/3/1 Podcast 2017/01/06 GJS and DJ Operator talk TOP 5 Rizin FF New Years eve fights, TOP 3 good points of 2016, TOP 1 thing we each hope to achieve in 2017, Plus brief Q&A from the Interwebs.


I got tattoos before.  I mean I got them before they were terribly cool. So, I mean I got them before every sad sack of flesh in North America had one.  Today, at least for the moment, tattoos are pretty ubiquitous, and frankly, cringe worthy; mine included. Well, the original ones I got are/were.  Okinawa is where I first received inking.  Quinn and I were out on the town in Okinawa city near the big airbase there, we were stationed at Camp Schwab, which back then was nearly deserted, and after several pints at an empty Irish pub, we decided to get some tattoos. I can’t remember what Quinn got, but I have “The gangs all here” tattooed on my shoulder.

The next one occurred in Newport beach, California. I ended down there “on liberty” whilst stationed at 29 Palms California.  Hilton and I were there, right on the strip by the beach, some hot brunette had just walked up to Hilton, smiling, and had asked “Can you kiss me? It’s my birthday.” “Sure. Come here.” And in his tongue went.  They kissed hard for about ten seconds then the girl and her friends continued on their way.  Hilton and I ended up in a tattoo parlor where he got the Chinese flag tattooed on his neck, and I got the Misfits skull on my inner forearm.  Hilton paid, all he had was 30 extra bucks so, the outline is what I got.

The last one, well, I got that hammered on a beach in Thailand.  It was the old school way with a stick and needle, handheld. Anyway, I think I’ve talked about this before so skipping over the rest.  But, there’s a pic of it floating around out there someplace.

This was super safe. Obviously.

This was super safe. Obviously.


Japan has a long history of Tattooing, which you can read about here. Personally, I’ve always been surrounded by Japanese guys with ink.  One see’s it often in the kickboxing world, not so much on the fighters, but you see that as well, but particularly in the back room, the guys promoting and funding and of course, controlling the gambling.  In addition to that, I’ve chosen to live in places where, for example in Ikebukuro, DJ Operator and I once were rolling around at midnight and after passing a possibly dead hooker being carted off by the cops, we turned a corner and a shirtless gangster was on his knees, outside an izakaya, vomiting profusely; a large, colorful dragon ran across his back surrounded by black clouds and lightning.

It’s just been around, tattoos and that part of the culture. I never considered getting one frankly, because for years I didn’t think I “rated” it. Well, to hell with that, I’ve been here 12 years, divorced once, seen people come and go; friends die.  Then, when so many bolted for the exit during the big 2011 earthquake and the radiation scare, I felt I’d rather stay and face it with the people who had allowed me to stay here, even after I’d been such a pain in the ass.  I’ve been to jail a couple of times, I’ve beat up Yakuza and been beaten up by them, been a professional fighter, been professional protection for gangsters, porn stars, and past war criminals, and have been doing this for so much time, I’m passing through that long, long self-destructive phase and coming out the other end, I think finally, as an adult.  It only took 38 years.

So, as like a kind of parting shot, a farewell salute to a decade of absolute lawlessness and debauchery at the expense of a lot of broken hearts, busted teeth and squandered Japanese yen (a small fortune if people really knew; little of it I earned), I decided to step up, make the investment and let Japan make its mark on me.


Honey Tattoo

I decided on Honey Tattoo for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a four-minute walk from my house in North Ikebukuro.  Second, all the designs are Japanese and original. The boss, Horimitsu-san, designs and draws it all himself.  The down payment for a design is 10,000 yen.  This weeds out a lot of idiots right from the get go I suspect.  I went in and talked to him, explained what I want and he had it ready in two weeks.


This is the face of Raijin, the Japanese, I mean by this Shinto, god of lightning and thunder. My first visit to the shop, Horimitsu explained the process would be partly done with a tattoo gun, so Yobori style and the color, for example the leaves falling and the lightning bolts, would be done the old way or Tebori style. So, we began with the gun, it makes the lines darker and the work is done faster. The first session was three hours and you can see, we began to cover up some of my other tattoos.

Bye-bye Thailand.

Bye-bye Thailand.

The three-hour restriction was set by Horimitsu.  He’s also damned busy so I can only get in once a month or so.


I began to see at this point, the man knows well what he’s doing.  Raijin dashing lightening all over, pounding on the drums, the clouds swirling and the autumn leaves falling from the trees.


After the outline was completed we finally started shading.


This is where it’s at currently, with some additional shading up the arm.


If you have considered getting some work done, real Wabori style work in Japan, Horimitsu is the guy to see in Tokyo. He’s open to foreigners, but also takes no shit.  Talking to him about old school Ikebukuro and what used to go down on these mean streets is fun as well; wild stories abound.  One thing for sure, like other Japanese tattoos, or any high quality tattoo work, it takes time and costs money.  These aren’t 400 dollar Hawaiian tribal sleeves you can get in an afternoon.

These are a process and so far, it’s worth it.

I’ll update when there’s more to discuss and possibly get an interview with Horimitsu as well.


Trying new program for uploading and recording and it sounds like ASS. I talk about Christmas in Tokyo and why it sucks. How to fight this. I discuss how kinky and dirty Japanese kids are and we uncover Chiba’s, apparent, drug underworld.


Guest post by: Alyssa Johnson

Japan is one of the biggest economies in the world, and for many tourists and travelers is one of the most expensive. However, smart planning before traveling has its own perks. There are certain ways and tricks in which Japan can turn out to be the most amazing travel destination even if you have a tight budget.

Travel on an Off-Peak Season and Book in advance

Japan is a four-season destination, and traveling it on a budget isn’t easy. Therefore, planning your trips and the places you wish to visit as a tourist can save you a lot of cash. Travel in or around December, February, March, and April. They are off-peak seasons and a gateway to the cheapest way to travel around Japan. Off-peak season’s tour may come with lower hotel and airfares. Unless locals wish to travel by low-cost airlines, it is advisable to travel in off seasons to have more leisure time. Going for a formal tour package can also help plan cheap trips to Japan.

Choosing the Smartest way to Travel within Japan

Japanese people are not offered many discounts. Unlike passes offered by the Japan Rail Pass to foreigners, there is nothing available for the locals to use, as many eligibility require a foreign passport or a residential proof. However, citizens can use the regular subway system, where tickets may range from 200 yen for a single trip, to other Intercity transit trains that may cost up to 900 yen for 24 hours. Moreover, due to the ongoing competition between the budget carriers in Japan, airfares have also dipped, but still can be higher and in line with costs of special bullet trains. Airfares range from 10,400 yen to 14,040 yen per sector. More discounts can be availed by traveling early morning or late night or through advance booking at Jetstar Japan, Vanilla Air, Air Do, Skymark Airlines and Solaseed Airlines. The most recommended and cheapest form of travel for natives include the use of buses. Although they can take thrice as much time, but the travel is worth it. You can spend the time witnessing the natural beauty Japan has to offer. Every airport for intercity travel has some form of limousine buses and other transport providers. The cost can be as low as 1,000 yen to 5,000 yen.

Just make sure you don't book passage on this bad boy. Japan has an "Alt-right" too.

Just make sure you don’t book passage on this bad boy. Japan has an “Alt-right” too.


Saving on Food

The Japanese people invest less in burgers and fried chicken. Cash could be saved by going to 100 yen shops and getting ready-made food. Moreover, buying food late at nights has its own perks, as many shopkeepers try to clear their stock to bring in fresh supplies. Nevertheless, 350 yen can fetch sushi, rice bowls, dumplings, and a soup easily, while more exotic dishes and a proper lunch may go as high as 700 yen. Renowned food chains include Fujisoba, Mos Burgers, Yoshinoya, and CocoCurry. While traveling, cooking your own food is another way to save some money. One small catch is how much food can cost in big cities. Tokyo may be expensive but Yokohama and Osaka are not.


Savings on Accommodations

The least expensive ways that come at the cost of your privacy include capsule hotels. For you and your friends, there are curtains as dividers, with air vents, lights and a small TV. Available at all major train stations, they are a great choice for a day or two. Business Hotels are also reasonably priced only if they do not have an international brand name attached. Rooms may be small but are the best options, costing a fraction of other famous international hotels.


Cheap Shopping

Electronics, beverages, and edibles can be found everywhere in Japan. However, the best option is to buy them from places that are less advanced. Cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Yokohama are by far almost 50 percent cheaper than Tokyo. Locals usually save a lot in such places since they offer the same quality of food and supplies. Lastly, 100 yen shops and convenient stores are a superhot everywhere, offering cheap pre-cooked food, stationaries, clothing, spices, small gifts and artifacts. They all are culturally aligned with the best Japan offers.

Plan your trip and Attractions

Japan has a lot to offer from temples to big cities. Visiting shrines, gardens and temples may become discounted and even free through a Grunt pass or a temple pass worth 1,500 to 2,500 yen. It can be bought across Nara, Tokyo, Kyoto, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, and other archeological cities, giving access to well over 50 art galleries, museums, shrines, and temples. If you plan to ride a bike and do some hiking, traveling to Hokkaido is great since it’s famous for recreational activities and seafood. However, if you are a Japanese trying to enhance your English language skills, you can help as a volunteer guide for foreign tourists. They may end up paying for all your travel costs, but you will have to provide a relevant tour in return. Many Japanese use this approach to make new friends and tell their stories.


Alyssa Johnson is blogger and freelance writer for