Just finished watching The Company Men a movie staring Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones in an effort to convince people that the recession affects rich people too!  Awww poor guys, rolling in money is hard!

Through the whole movie the only thing I was thinking was “Oh you poor guy you must be so hard done by, forced to drive a PORSHE while looking for work.” I’d say this was a propaganda piece put out in response to the 2011 Occupy, “We are the 99%” movement but the movie was released a year before hippies put up camp in a downtown near you.

Actually one of my bigger pet peeves about Hollywood movies is that almost all of the stories and characters we see on the silver screen are of the top 2% of the American public. Who are the top 2% of America? Well according to the New York Times they are people who make over $250,000 a year. Watching 90% of the movies based on the 2% of America can be explained a couple of ways:

1) To advance most plots or story arcs you need an individual who has a lot of time on their hands, like someone who made a lot of money and retired at 20, a rich dentist who can take time off work or some sort of upper crust old money man who uses his wealth to fight crime. (Think Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Loveor every single Adam Sandler movie)

Once I finish counting my money I’ll solve that mysterious murder!

2) To make a modern blockbuster you need to have lots of product placement and the companies paying for that product want to sell a lot of bling thus they need characters who can afford the latest, newest most expensive consumerist crap possible.

This Yacht? Yeah totally affordable. Now you say you’ve switched bodies with Ed?

3) The everydayman with a script he sells and makes it big is a Hollywood myth. Movies are made when a producer gets an idea and then gets his high paid writer to drum out a screen play, remember Kevin Smith writing superman?  Therefore movies could reflect this world of Hollywood writers and their rich lifestyles, intensive work schedule followed by months hanging out with their entourages on a hot tropical beach.

Wait … you mean everyone doesn’t live like this?

Either way the general public watches Hollywood movies with characters and plots that are mostly about the top 1-5% of Americans.  Keeping that in mind The Company Men is almost like Hollywood’s answer to the recession.

They’ve sold this lie that everyone lives like the top percentile and so they made this movie to show that yes the rich, they too suffer. Which of course is total utter crap as the rich are rich for a reason, they have all these resources to fall back on not to mention their ready set of connections that will get them over the hump. It’s amazing that common people feel they can connect with the over extended fools in this movie when 95% of the viewing public take a year to make what this movie character’s pull in monthly.

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