When I first saw the New Sky Building #3 I just fell in love with the design. Located near the HigashiShinjuku Station in Shinjuku the building looks like it warped in from some sort of horrible post-apocalyptic future and is a pleasant break from the cookie cutter box-with-a-balcony buildings that are everywhere in Japan. This is the Blade Runner Metropolis that Tokyo is supposed to be made of.

The architect, Yoji Watanabe, designed it to look like a battleship and called it Gunkan:

Complete with a Control Tower on Top - Courtesy Takeshi Sato

But one of the most redeeming aspects about Watanabe’s buildings are that they only get better as they get older:


Courtesy of
Courtesy of


Another one of Watanbe's designs the New Sky Building #5 - Courtesy Takeshi Sato

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