Two years ago I posted about this new fangled currency that was floating out there on the interwebs, Bitcoins. At that time Bitcoins were trading for under a dollar. Early this year they peeked at over $200 and then crashed again to hover around $100. I actually looked into buying some but it’s not that easy and if I had eventually been able to figure it out, I probably would have had them stolen via some hacker or had where my coins were stored seized by the American government. Or at least this is what I tell myself as I calculate how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I could have had if I had bought in when I posted in the summer of 2011. Then today again I read that Bitcoins are in the news as the Winklevoss twins (of facebook fame) are trying to make them mainstream.  They are talking to the feds hoping to finally create an easy and legal way anyone can buy and sell Bitcoins.

Seeing how I was right about Bitcoins I thought I’d share with you the next new technology that is literally going to change the world, 3-D printers! Right now 3-D printing is just for novelty items like useless guns, or here in Japan services where for $300 you can get yourself scanned and have a miniature made.

3D scans to make action figures
I can’t believe we spent almost a grand on this!

Now its a niche market but the potential for 3D printing is amazing.  In the near future the technology is going to progress to the point where you just download a pattern FOR ANYTHING and print it off on a unit next to your computer. Say goodbye to “Made in China” say hello “Made by You”! The best part … your friend wants a 3D printer too? You Can Print One off for him!!!

Yet the 3D printer revolution still has a way to go. Something a little more closer to home and just as exciting is the upcoming release of PlayStation 4 this winter. I remember when the PSP was released in Japan, North Americans were begging friends in Japan to buy one and mail it to them. People were standing in line to get a PSP just to put it on ebay and profit after bidding prices went 400x the purchase price. I definitely have to get in on that action this time around. Anyone want any preorders? Or are my dreams of striking gold going to be smashed because they will release it the same time in Japan as North America? I know its been getting some good buzz especially after Microsoft shot itself in the foot when they announced and then retracted that they weren’t going to allow used games … or that’s at least what my twitter feed told me.

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