Sex scandal Tae Satoya

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Tae Satoya
Tae after winning
gold in Nagano

In honour of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games I’d like to talk about the sex scandal odyssey of Tae Satoya 里谷多英. Once the darling of Japan Satoya won the gold medal in the 1998 Nagano Olympics and bronze at the 2002 Salt Lake City for the sport of moguls.

Moguls is the one where skiers navigate their way down a ski hill with large bumps while doing back flips, oh and its timed.

In 2005 while riding her fame she was taken into Roppongi police custody at 3:00 AM because she started a fight. Apparently she was politely asked by the club bouncer to dismount from the “cute, young, blonde Caucasian” she was having sex with on the VIP sofa and snapped, later being carried out by police like a, “sack of potatoes”.

Nothing was reported at the time but a month later a tabloid magazine unearthed the account and scandal blew up all over Japan. Even though she had denied that sex had taken place the mainstream media jumped aboard going so far as publish her ski photos of her doing a spread eagle jump.

Tae Satoya
Headlines screaming
Drunken Sex!

Averse to bad publicity Satoya was called into the headquarters of the Japan Ski Association and with no lawyer, coach or representation of any kind was banned from the sport for a year. Feeling she was not punished enough for something that she denied ever happened she also lost her sponsorship from Fuji TV.

Fast forward to 2010 and Satoya has been allowed to compete again for Japan, although the media go through great lengths to avoid mentioning that she is present at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Even though she is the best chance for a medal placing at Vancouver the Japanese media team refuse to give her anything but the minimal coverage possible and instead focus on another mogul skier Aiko Uemura (上村愛子).

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