Guerrilla rainstorm' caught on camera from Tokyo Skytree
Looking south from Tokyo SkyTree as a Guerrilla rainstorm strikes part of Koto, Tokyo

For the last couple of nights now the humidity is so bad over Tokyo that every night there seems to be a thunder and lighting storm as all that moisture in the air battles over Tokyo. Another feature that I don’t remember happening that often in Tokyo summers past are the recent hits from “Guerrilla Rainstorms.”

Guerrilla rainstorms dump huge amounts of water on parts of the city while sparring other parts. Due to these localized rainfalls some areas are hit with localized flooding while 15min away by train there is no rain at all. Weather stations are reporting that because Tokyo is having a high pressure area over Tokyo right now these Guerrilla Rainstorms are hitting with more intensity as the city bakes under 40°C (104°F) sending up huge amounts of hot air which through some sort of weather magic turns into these storms that drench some areas and spare others.

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