Ikebukuro West Side

We all get mixed up here. I think that’s why I like living here.  I think that’s why I ended up right here.  Outside as the sun rises or as it sets I can watch everyone going around and doing what they do and making their paper.

If I don’t mind him and his wife screaming at each other in Cantonese, I can go get some Pigeon two blocks behind the cheap Sushi place, with the chef that tries to cover up his old, worn tattoos, but that doesn’t matter because he’s missing two finger ends anyway.

I go by really cheap, fresh vegetables about 3 blocks from my place, help an old Korean woman put a box of potatoes on her rusty old cart she uses to transport the goods/keep her upright and I smile at a group of young ladies that pass by on their way to where-ever.  Then I wave a little “hello” at a line of kids that go to the Christian  kindergarten across the street from my place and on the other side of the side walk I make vacant eye contact with a 20 year-old hooker walking to meet some john in one of the hundred love hotels that dot the area.

All the big trees on the main street outside my place here across from the elementary school on the 4th block of Ikebukuro are green  and full.  The fat, platinum blond, former sumo wrestler that runs the Ramen shop a block away, next to the florist, opens his store, sits in front of it all day shirtless, covered in sweat, and then gets hammered on beers and shochu in the evenings with his friends.  More young women that look used but want more money and more tanned, thin, slick 20 something year old guys with cold stares in their eyes go from this place to that;  Diamond studs in their ears and matching watches that the street lights glint off of as they wander alleys and corners getting people what they want.

I live in West Ikebukuro and I still haven’t figured it out yet.

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