Finally the ball soaking, muggy, mess that is Tokyo summer is easing. I can finally walk the streets without having to drink 4 liters of water to replace all the fluids I lose while dodging other sweaty people on the way to my destination. But walk the streets I must.

While on my daily commute I’ve noticed that without suit jackets Japanese on their way to the office universally wear white dress shirts, usually with their sleeves rolled up. Walking through Shinjuku station is like walking through a sea of white button up, cotton, office wear.

With that in mind I’m ready to get some new clothes. Here’s what I’m thinking:

In Japanese Cho-Baka means “really stupid” in English
I love this Dude!

Say Tweet Again T Shirt
WolvesThe Infamous Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee
Your Blog Sucks T Shirt

I need a new shirt so I’d thought I’d ask you the viewing public to weigh in on which one is best. Vote in the comments! I included another shirt to the right.

In Japan you are not really Japanese unless you own a Louie Vuitton Bag. This shirt is a play on words that takes the Kanji for beautiful and the Kanji for Pig so that the two combined Kanji sounds are pronounced “Vi-Ton” (As in Vuton … Louie Vuitton). It’s a cool idea and I like word/Kanji plays but the shirt design is a tad to “fierce”