Tae Satoya
Sisters of the Pole?

I was meeting with some of my Japanese friends and we were discussing the standard in Japan; third grade humor involving dirty words and how to say them in both languages. As we were going over the standards: o-pie me-tie (said like you’d read it) they asked me how to say 穴兄弟 (ana kyodai) in English.

Puzzled, I asked for clarification. They then explained that in Japan when two guys sleep with the same girl they are henceforth known as ana kyodai or Brothers of the Hole. For example, Tironne and Deric sleep with girl x; now they are brothers of the hole. Stumped I had to explain that in English we don’t really have a term for that situation. I mean we have:

Blood brothers
Brothers of a different mother
Bro, Bra, or Brothhher
Big Brothers

But no real term for two guys that sleep with the same woman. I guess since the action is, in American culture, sort of taboo it doesn’t happen often, so there is no term? Or am I just too mainstream and there is an idiom for it?

Worst thing is I forgot to ask what the opposite of Brothers of the Hole is? As in two girls that sleep with the same guy … Sisters of the Pole?

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