A few weeks ago I was talking about, what I think, is viral marketing for the new Jurassic Park Movie. Well it looks like those clever marketing geniuses are at it again. I started noticing these pictures across social media a few days ago.

Viral Marketing Spotted this winner on the street in NYC

Viral Marketing The neighbors take game night pretty seriously

Viral Marketing Porshe

Well turns out the vandalized cars are part of a publicity stunt for a new Bravo TV Show, Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce

Debuting December 2 and stars former House star Lisa Edelstein. Because hey, everyone needs a little help going through this event in their lives. And so we have the Bravo TV show.

To call attention to this advice-for-free slice of entertainment, creative agency Omelet cooked up a stunt that basically either paints the man as a sport-car-loving, insensitive doofus or the woman as a vindictive, spiteful vandal. … The cars have been emblazoned with statements written by seemingly scorned women and include, “Leaving You,” “You Suck” and “We Are Over.” The campaign is tagged #GG2D and has received a bit of play on Twitter and Instagram.

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