I’m something of an addict on Reddit. I enjoy the community and find it as a good place to check the pulse of popular culture in North America while living in the Land of The Rising Sun. A frequent observer in the /r/pics subreddit I try to check it everyday as it’s a good place to find article ideas. For the last year now I’ve been noticing something strange … well what I felt was strange,  Jurassic Park cars.

I get that  the 1993 Jurassic Park release was a huge movie and it ignited the imagination of millions of kids who are now adults. The logo is of course iconic but the cars in the movie? Really? Back To The Future, now that I understand. The DeLorean is not only a collectors car but it was the main plot device in the blockbuster Trilogy.

Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine s
The Jurassic cars though were just props, not much more than specially painted vehicles.  Check out these posts on Reddit:

WITH A RAPTOR YOU GUYS submitted 2 years ago by Waaaghette

Spotted a Jurassic park car on the freeway – submitted 1 year ago by sodiem


As a Jurassic Park nerd – submitted 2 years ago by KONY_The_Tiger


Jurassic Park Jeep seen outside of Ikea – submitted 9 months ago by CandySlawws


The boyfriend and I found a Jurassic Park car – submitted 1 year ago by hannathewise


Saw the Jurassic Park Jeep – submitted 1 year ago by djSlapNuts


I too have seen the jurassic park jeep – submitted 1 year ago by TBA-SOON


Saw this cool Jurassic Park jeep submitted 1 month ago by CarbonTorrent


These are just the ones that have “Jurassic Park” in the title making them easy to find. I’m sure there are endless others. So why so suspicious? Well what is coming up summer of 2015? Why the new Jurassic movie:

I’m thinking, starting a year ago, some viral marketing company had the brilliant idea of making a couple mock ups and just driving them around certain parts of America knowing that people would take pictures of them, post them on social media and create a buzz. Insidious but ingenious.


He’s real! Life, finds a way… submitted Feb 6 2015 by FrostyPoo

He's real! Life, finds a way...

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