I first met one of our most popular guest posters, Le Tigre, in a seedy bar near Shinjuku’s Pink Town. She was one of GaijinAss’ kick boxing students and two things were clear, she could drink and she could fight. GaijinAss was actually really concerned for her as her coach was trying to screw her over by offering Le Tigre up as a sacrificial lamb for an up and coming fighter. (Read: Le Tigre – She Likes to Fight)

Of her three pro fights in Japan she went 1-2, but she always came out swinging even when she was obviously screwed by her corner and the league.(Read: Le Tigre – They are Trying to F#$k me Over)

This is what victory looks like

But even though she was a professional fighter she still needed to have a day job. She started out in Japan’s version of the countryside but then moved to Tokyo to be in the big lights, bright city. Spending months on a friend’s couch Le Tigre tried to get out into the work force by hitting up one of those “Only In Japan” jobs, The Hostess. (Read: She Works Hard for the Money). As you can see, it didn’t quite work out how she planned it but she avoided ending up as a White Sex Slave in Tokyo and after many applications she Landed a job teaching English. Unfortunately her jobs never really worked out for her and even though she loved Japan when the 311 Earthquake hit she took it as a sign to get the hell out of dodge.(Read: Should I stay in Japan?) Now she’s drifting around the world and I think is somewhere in the Southern hemisphere causing all sorts of trouble.

I actually ran across her Tumblr blog the other day and MAN has she been busy. Appropriately it’s called shutupandpleasureme.tumblr.com. Judging from her tumblr she seems to have found a job trawling the web for soft porn animated gifs. But I hope she’s doing OK and wish she would hurry up and get her ass back in Japan. So go check out her blog: shutupandpleasureme.tumblr.com and also go and follow the GaijinAss Tumblr blog too at, gaijinass.tumblr.com:

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