Skyline vs Battle:LATweet Me

Two alien invasions of Los Angeles movies have come out this year. One was the $70 million  blockbuster Battle: Los Angeles and the other was Skyline a $10 million film (We will ignore the straight to DVD knock-off,  Battle OF Los Angeles).

Both movies lacked in plot and I’m sure the military tactics used by the Marines in Battle: Los Angeles had GaijinAss seeing red but the special effects in Skyline were incredible and blew away Battle: LA even though the later cost way X times more money to make.  What is even more impressive about Skyline is that all filming was done for about a paltry $500,000 (paltry in Hollywood) the rest of the budget was special effects of which there were an incredible amount, more than most blockbusters.

The directors of the Skyline, Colin and Greg Strause, were special effects guru’s and this was their first movie to direct.  Yet, this small budget allowed the famous duo to finance and direct Skyline without the assistance of any major studio.   This is great for sci/fi lovers like me as small independent movies with blockbuster style effects are now not only proven to be possible but immensely profitable (Skyline made $65 million worldwide).

Now if only we can get some decent story-lines we’ll be gravy!

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