Straight Talk With: “The Duke”.

In this day and age, choices can be difficult. Right and wrong.  Yes and no.  Go or not go. Republican or Democrat.  It can all see very diffuse and complex.

This is why I did a jig, literally, when I learned I had the much coveted chance to interview a man from an age so pure that the word “pedophilia” was widely regarded as a French cough medicine.  This man, is honestly, from a time so biblical, and devoid of wrong-doing,  that “Gay Rights” was the title of a book about a highly jovial African slave hand that learned how to sail despite his illiteracy and genetic inferiorities.  (Hurrah! Keep on keepin-‘on blacky!)

My excitement can be contained no longer.  I am honored to present to you, this totally original and in no way altered, or contrived, interview with, none other than the “DUKE” himself; John Wayne.

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