Health Care Lunacy


The News today

The “House” has voted to dismantle, repeal, the Obama health legislation passed in 2009. In a overwheliming vote, 249 to 189, it has been decided that the USA will not have a public health care option after all.  What this means is that the Republican party has completely run out of fucks to give.

This is instructive for anyone interested in the realities of our “Democracy”.

For the last 30 years, public opinion has hovered between 60-85 percent of citizens supporting some kind of a public health care option. However in 2004 the concept of such an option was deemed “politically impossible” due to a lack of support. In 2008 things changed and it was being toted about as a possible reality. The question is “what changed?”, obviously not the publics desire to have quality health care that isn’t drastically overpriced and corrupt. In reality politicians on capital hill rarely listen to the “meddlesome public” anyway so this had nothing to do with it.

What happened was that certain industries, for example our aging and sad manufacturing industry, figured out that they were being hurt financially by the private health care system. With nothing left to lose and every red cent needed to make upper management and CEOs more unjustly wealthy action was called for.  Some money was pushed around and the industries pawns, ie our elected representatives, were contacted, given orders and voila– Public health care was suddenly a political option.

Initially a single payer option was favored as was a promise to the massive and vastly wealthy drug companies that the government would not regulate the absurd prices for products despite 85% of the public supporting such legislation. The “public option” was also subsequently attacked in aggressive fashion by everyone that stood to make a buck and was finally scuttled.

What eventually passed in 2009 was a pathetic and sad little bill so limited in its powers that the average Joe would be better off buying cure-all tonic from a meth smoking Carny you just saw come out a gay sex public toilet at a highway rest stop outside Cincinatti. The passed legislation was there only to support and provide care literally to the bottom rungs on the ladder….rungs that have been increasing and expanding as of late.

.....Get your Tonic, Cure all Tonic, it cured my AIDS...mostly...



The following is a public service announcement from the majority of our elected officials.

Poor People- FUCK YOU.

That’s right. Fuck you poor people. For whatever reason you haven’t been able to pull yourself up by your “made in China” boot straps and “just make it work” but we don’t care. It isn’t our fault that most industries that actually make things have left the United States. It’s just cheaper hence more profitable for us and our buddies running big business that put us in office to pay some foreign nationals in some 3rd world shit hole a dollar a day to do it. That is YOUR fault, not ours!

So you lost your house during that unregulated and totally predictable housing bubble fiasco.

So you can’t declare bankruptcy to eliminate all the mounds of crazy debt you have due to our successive bad policies because we passed another policy making that really tough for you.

Not our problem!

You’re poor….got the message? That is your fault and we’ll be damned if we are gonna pay our tax dollars or let red-blooded Americans that are’nt as poor as you (yet) pay theirs in order to keep you healthy/not dead.

And you sick people with your “pre-existing conditions” psssshhh…..just hurry up and DIE already. Nobody wants to give you insurance and why should they? You’re just taking up space. Get on with it and “decrease the surplus population.”

 Now….pass me the check book, let’s get on with building those space lasers.





Sad Conclusions

So in 2009 people who really needed health care got it and now, it is being taken away. Despite the majority of normal Americans supporting public health care and despite the hysterically absurd condition of our private health care system, one of the most backassward in the developed world, the slim and meager legislation that was passed, the only worthwhile thing Obama has managed to do in his wasted time in office, is being dismantled. As unemployment rises and public anger festers and swells.

Lets disenfranchise the disenfranchised just a little bit more…..I’m curious to see when the camels back breaks.