Liberty and her Critical Condition

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Benjamin Franklin

2001 9/11 straight scared the pants of the U.S. of A. We all know it so there is no reason to try to B.S. each other.  Sure, people were/are/will be angry, and we have subsequently gone and brought the big pain in both Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of this “War on Terror”…whatever the fuck that means.  In addition to that we have facilitated the illegal abduction of numerous people worldwide, and actively supported their torture in 3rd world foreign shit holes that none of us would, given a choice, ever live in.  On top of all this horrific crap, the worst part is the rapidly diminishing existence of general freedoms that we’d all been convinced we had to go kick ass in the Middle east to protect.

The U.S. Government has and IS using the “War on Terror” as an excuse for anything that essentially amounts to you and yours getting screwed by big brother.  You’re now a suspicious person if you support or condone any of the following:

  • Support the 2nd amendment (gun rights)
  • Desire a radical political shift in Government
  • Desire a radical reorganization of the USA’s (failing) economic policies
  • Support independent organizations and agents such as Ron Paul or the ACLU (which has been labeled for dispensing “terrorist” information).
  • Happen to be from any non-WHITE country, anywhere.
  • Believe in, Exercise and Support the first Amendment (Free-fucking Speech)
  • Paying for everything in Cash. Really. This can get you put on the Bad boy/girl list.

These are facts.  Painful, shitty shit facts about the ways that our government is mucking up life in the USA, and this without even getting into the sad state and grim future of the US economy due to successive poor decisions and lies by basically everyone in power, that are continuing right now.

Last year in February, tragedy struck via a kamikaze pilot pissed off with the IRS. I wrote an article about that in September of last year and in this article I said the following:

It has become somehow unfashionable to engage in constructive discourse regarding politics, the economy and the worlds situation at large………Pressure always finds a way to vent and be released. Cut off from other alternatives and nurturing a festering secret angst, without any one to confide in or any way to find logical, peaceful forms of civil disobedience with which to express your concerns, we can all expect to see more people using the only weapon they feel they have at their disposal: Terror.

I am an asshole, however this is not about me telling you how RIGHT I AM.

No, this is about the most recent events in the US that will likely result in the loss of even more freedoms, and subsequently the heat underneath the desperate and downtrodden being ratcheted up even further.

U.S. Senate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona recently. She was shot in the head with a 9mm pistol, allegedly, by this moron.  I guess I won’t go into detail regarding how the N.Y. Time has made this story their entire lively hood taking every advantage to post humiliating pictures of wounded people including the Senator being carted away for fun-fun brain surgery. We all know the Times is ridiculous and pathetic, no need to wallow.

The point today is simple enough.  Somethings can be controlled with rules and regulations.  A power structure can tighten things up and sometimes this helps.  Regulations that matter and are enforced might have helped prevent the now essentially forgotten BP Oil debacle and proper oversight should have and could have kept our former War Monger and Chief and his gang of greedy homo-summer camp loving nitwits from invading a sovereign country and destroying US international relations, rationalized and  given the OK based on absolute lies, that hence has been devastated and left in absolute fucking reality-TV-level shambles.

Some things, rules help with. Some things they can make better however….

People, and particularly people who for whatever reason are desperate, are not helped by nor controlled effectively by, rules and heavy handedness .  People are not cogs in a wheel as much as the Power institutions and the megalomaniacs that run them would love for everyone to believe and clearly buy into themselves.  This however is not reality.

One individual can cause real problems and can also cause real healing.


The Shooting in Arizona is a bad thing.  It would be very difficult for anyone to contest this.  The problem, the complex situation, is that more regulations, more pressure from unseen forces, more men in masks snatching up your freedoms like a child molester wearing a Pikachu costume at Lego-land, will only serve to disenfranchise MORE PEOPLE and push more people to the fringes. This will result in more violence and more Terror. Not less.

"Puppies and Cupcakes in my van out back kids! Follow me!"

It would not surprise me if the attack in Arizona results in not only new and more broad profiling parameters but also a leap forward and an increase in the aggressiveness in dismantling the second amendment.  Finally, it will also likely mean that anyone supporting the redefining of American currency from our current self-destructive fantasy money to a currency backed by gold and silver will also be added to the long list of subversive domestic terrorist groups  because the crack pot that shot all the people in Arizona mentioned it a few times on his “Youtube” channel….for the love of Puppies and Cupcakes.

In closing, please please consider a few points.

  • Outlawing guns does not stop guns from being used in illegal acts. “But it will decrease the availability of”….Shutup, you mean like how making dope illegal has decreased its availability? Like that? Really? It will be THAT effective?
  • Profiling EVERYONE that doesn’t agree with you and harassing them is a great way to create a massive social rift between the haves and have-nots.  We already have that, and we do not need more of it.
  • There are other issues out there despite what the N.Y. fucking Times and other bullshit news sources tell you about.  Stay informed, do some digging and don’t believe what they’re telling you, it is always slanted, misrepresented and bent heavily toward an agenda not your own.

Your going away present:

"You best hope I don' fine no Puppies or Cupcakes under this bitch Sista."