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Movie studios, the music industry and any type of news media has seen the Internet as both a curse and a blessing. Blessing because of the new ways people can access their content, curse because the new technology allows people to steal said content … easily. So to survive “the man” is adapting and developing new ways to profit from the content of others. One such business model is suing the shit out of everyone.

The RIAA of course are pioneers of this new business model suing thousands of Americans who have downloaded and shared music from their computers but they’re not the only ones.  The most critically acclaimed and downloaded movie of 2009 was Hurt Locker. The massive piracy cost the producers huge amounts of money via lost ticket sales, money they hope to make up by suing the hundreds of thousands of people who downloaded the film! They didn’t just focus on the people who shared their film, one lawyer who created a DIY package for defendants to fight the legal action in court was also sued for trying to help those who affected by the thousands of lawsuits.

This new way to make money is even catching on in the news!  News media, print media is of course slowly dying out. Its place is being taken over by online news, or online versions of print media. But the news media is having trouble with the Internet, as it can’t make as much money online as it did with its print edition. Enter Righthaven, Righthaven makes its money “buying out the copyrights to newspaper content for the sole purpose of suing blogs and websites that re-post those articles without permission.”. One of their greatest successes is suing small blogs who have people copy and paste articles that are owned by Righthaven into the comment section of the blog.

Even the Porn companies are seeing the light. While you might think Al Gore created the Internet; the true hero, culprit, act of God that created this virtual world was Porn. Porn created the Internet and now to show how grateful it is the Internet is killing Porn. The big adult studios have lost millions to people pirating porn and to prevent their demise the kings of smut are fighting back with one Porn Maker Suing over 7,000 Alleged Film Pirates hoping to cash in on the lawsuit boom.

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