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Prepare the eye bleach! Do you remember this guy? He was making the rounds on the entertainment circles in the late 90s. His name is Brian Zembic and he won $100,000 on a bet that he couldn’t last a year with breast implants. When he lasted the whole year he discovered that he actually liked them:

Having his own pair has done nothing to dilute his fetish. “I still live for nice breasts, even though my own don’t do anything for me,” he says. “That was my big worry about getting the implants: How the hell am I going to get some chi-chi? But, you know, I’m shocked—there’s never been a girl who hasn’t enjoyed them. The boobs help. Now if I think I have no shot with a girl, I use the boobs. If I had them removed, I’d be like, ‘Jesus Christ, how am I going to get a date now?’ … [Girls go crazy for them] I think it’s … because they’re all lesbians. I’m serious. They play around with them, they suck them, they rub theirs on mine. And they get to do all that without feeling like they’re lesbians.It’s a turn-on for me to watch two girls. So when I’m with a girl, I pretend it’s not me and I’m on the outside, watching two lesbos going at it.”

They’ve also given he an insight into just what a women is thinking:

I can’t put on weight, because then my boobs look like shit,” he says. “I want my boobs to look good, even if I’m the only one who sees them! Now I know why girls are always dieting. It’s for their boobs. I’m serious. I’ve got an insight into women now. Girls can relate to me, too. They talk to me the way they talk to gay guys. The only difference is, afterwards, I try to bang ’em.

So the question is what would you do for $100,000?

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