Tweet MeJust a little background here first. In Japan the Entertainment Industry is ruled by a group of comedians, actors, News presenters and porn stars that make up Japan’s Talento. There are about 100 A-class Talento that are on every TV show, variety program, and kids show. They are the people in the little boxes in the corner of the screen showing the Japanese TV audience how to react to what they’re watching.

About a third of the A-class talento are regulars and have been A-class for years. The rest come and go and about three years ago one of the most famous was Masaki Sumitani (住谷 正樹) or as he was known on TV, HARD GAY. He wasn’t gay but he acted like big flamer dressed as one of the village people. This was his signature move:

About two years ago he dropped from view and apparently fell upon hard times. Now he is trying to get back in the spotlight and he’s done a “documentary” on American prisons. He was on a mission to spend a night in an American prison but as you can see from the video each time he was refused the opportunity to have a sleep over. I especially like the third and last prison were he gets a little desperate and drops the gay S&M outfit in exchange for a Nazi themed skinhead look. Good thinking Hard Gay.

I’m surprised he actually even got though the door … or rather the gate of these prisons. In post-Borat/Brüno world how can any organization let a crazy dressed individual enter their establishment with a film crew???