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The centre of the world: 1990s Manhattan. Victor Ward, a model with perfect abs and all the right friends, is seen and photographed everywhere, even in places he hasn’t been and with people he doesn’t know. On the eve of opening the trendiest nightclub in New York history, he’s living with one beautiful model and having an affair with another. Now it’s time to move to the next stage. But the future he gets is not the one he had in mind.

“Does for the cold, minimal ’90s what “American Psycho” did for the Wall Street greed of the ’80s. You name it, he manages to get it all in” – “Vogue”.

“Gets under the skin of our celebrity culture in a way that is both illuminating and frightening” – “Daily Telegraph”.

“A Bonfire of the Vanities – “Glamorama” is more like a Semtex attack on our superficialities” – Face”.

“An epic that takes his blank surrealism into a realm equalled only by DeLillo” – “Arena”.

“A master stylist with hideously interesting new-fangled manners and the heart of an old-fashioned moralist” – “Observer”.

“Brilliant…He is fast becoming a writer of real American genius” – “GQ”.

“An American masterpiece” – “Scotland on Sunday”.


What is most amusing to me, is when I realize that the most interesting thing about Glamorama, are all the negative comments Brett Easton Ellis has said about it since it was published.

“Ohhhhh, ‘the Big Book.’ I wish I’d never said it and that it had never been published. It became the big book only because of how long it took to write and all the garbage that went on in the intervening years. “Big”, had nothing to do with it having any real content that I would call decent. “

“There is enough pornography and dismemberment to appease my fan base so the book was on just about every best seller list despite reviews that usually ended with the word “Yuck” “

“I considered issuing a recall of this book, but uh, I was informed that it probably wouldn’t work out.”

“I don’t want to talk about Glamorama.”

Brett Easton Ellis is the author of Less than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, American Pyscho, The informers, Glamorama,Lunar Park and the soon to be released Imperial Bedrooms.