Tweet MeI had an epiphany when watching this horrible movie, Bloodrayne by the infamous Uwe Boll who supposedly, through some kind of scam with the German government, makes more money off a movie if it bombs. Thus he has been responsible for a slew of horrible films in the last decade. In Bloodrayne he adapts a video game of the same name and somehow attracts some of the biggest names in Hollywood to be a part of this piece of crap.

One of the actors Michael Madsen I used to think of as brilliant. His parts in movies like Reservoir Dogs are amazing but in Bloodrayne his performance is cringe worthy. I doubt that the director said to Madsen, “be a bad actor” if what they say about about Boll is true the more likely case is that he just doesn’t care and let the actors do whatever they want.

Maybe its the Mullet that is throwing him off or just the EXCESSIVE use of Madsen’s sword (I kept expecting a scene using his sword to shave or picking his teeth with it). Don’t think that I’m knocking on Madsen he feels the same way about the movie. Here is an excerpt from him in an interview about Bloodrayne :

“I don’t even know what his movies are about and why he keeps the same theme of people in the jungle and the vampires who ride in from space. What are you doing Uwe? BloodRayne was an abomination… It’s a horrifying and preposterous movie.”

But, saying all that, Madsen would consider making another movie with the eccentric filmmaker: “Uwe was fun. If he called me tomorrow and wanted me to be in a movie I would do it.”