Just saw the Brooklyn’s Finest and it’s great! Of course it presents the illusion that the streets are out of control in New York.  I could go into fear and the media industry and the illusion of high crime, when the truth tells us that crime is dropping everywhere in America to historic lows but I’ll leave that for another post. Although Brooklyn’s Finest even had a great point about why the crime rate has dropped so much, video games! Instead of being outside kids are inside playing high tech, high quality, addictive video games. Actually that scene where it’s brought up was well done very Reservoir Dogs with the cops telling the stories.

Anyway already talked about Brooklyns Finest here but watching the movie reminded of other movies where the cop or someone else in the know is put in a situation where they have to steal the drug stash. I don’t have my ear on, “the streets” but you’d think it would happen all the time. Not by cops mind you. I mean I’m sure they take their cut but I’m talking about well armed mercenaries, they would make a killing off robbing dealers. Or at least you’d think there would be more movies of it.

There is the legendary, Omar, from the best police drama ever. But one my favorite and why I bring up the mercenaries is the movie The Substitute. I don’t remember much from the film, its been 14 years, but I’m pretty sure there is a scene where someone rips of a paper cutter blade and uses that as a weapon.

Now looking on Amazon I seemed to have missed a little Mini-movie-genre. They actually did three sequels:

I don’t remember any of these movies and I really liked the first one … I’ve probably seen them all and nothing from them stands out.

Check out the plot description for the fourth one:

When a clandestine gang of Neo-Nazi students threatens an elite military school, undercover cop Karl Thomasson (Treat Williams) poses as a teacher and plunges into a deadly cat-and-mouse game of shifting alliances and murderous treachery in a one-man war to prevent an academic apocalypse!

I guess when you’re reduced to fighting Nazi’s at a school you’ve explored every possible angle of merc shoot outs in the educational system.