True Romance
True Romance (1993) is an American romantic crime film written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott. It stars Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette with an ensemble cast including Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken, Chris Penn and Tom Sizemore.
This is THE movie that put ALOT of people on the map.
Essentially the story goes as follows….Boy (christian slater) falls in love with a Call girl (Arquette) and after getting married the day after they meet,  he decides that he needs to confront (read; kill) her pimp played by Gary Oldman. He does this and steals, on accident, a grip of drugs and then after briefly meeting his old man a former cop (Hopper), he and his new wife flee to California. So the pimps big connect (Walken) follows the trail to his father the retired cop and tries to torture him for info, yet fails. However, they find out where the drugs went via shitty chance circumstance. So the newly married couple are in California and for various reasons are trying to sell the drugs to a rich movie director and it all goes south real quick when the Italians show up. A blood festival insues and guess who the only two are to escape? You got it….

This movie is amazing due to a few factors. The Talent. The Dialogue. The editing. It seems like Tony Scott got in and finger fiddled things a bet less than in other films and let the amazing crew he had just act. Very interesting.

Below I provide a video of one of, if not the coolest dialogues in movie history….watch and learn. This was in fact, the first film in which I started a LONG TERM love affair with Chris Walken and Dennis Hopper really really impresses (Dennis get well soon!!!!).

Below…just a bonus moment from the Film.