erika satou
Adult Video Model: Erika Satou

I met Erika Satou in December of 2005.
It was a Sunday and I went to the Lotus Tokyo office in Ebisu Tokyo and, posing as a private security guard, I was allowed to watch while her new formed private fan club members each were allotted 30 minutes a piece in order to take special private photos of her.

There was no touching, no kissing, no nothing. What these men were allowed to do was to act as professional photographers, most of them had an impressive collection of photography equipment with them and could direct her how to stand, what costume to wear etc. I was told by one industry professional in attendance that these men paid a hefty fee for this privilege.
After this was all concluded and before the Afternoon round of interviews with a few Adult Magazine reporters I was allowed 30 minutes to talk to Erika in the Dressing room.

How this was arranged and more to the point WHY would be a very lengthy blog entry in and of its own right and I will not go into that now, later perhaps but not now. Today I cover only what transpired in our short interview.
This interview was conducted in Japanese, at the time my fairly broken Japanese and I have translated it and just transcribed the rushed crazy notes I took at the time. Forgive me if this is lacking in smoothness or continuity. It was my first interview and I was flying by the seat of my pants and was frankly a bit shocked that I was even being allowed to do this. Just bare with me….
Thanks for taking the time today….to talk to me I mean.
“Its OK. I have a break now anyway.
OK first some basic questions. When were you born?
“1986, June 8th.
OK and where were you born?
“In Chiba.
Got it….So your big movie release is this month right?
“Yeah that’s right. That’s what all this is about today. They are getting me ready and getting everything ready.
How much are you making for this film?
“I cant talk about that. But…I agreed to do a series of films so….I am being paid like that. Not just for one movie.
It sounds complex.
“It is. The girls who have been modeling for sometime, alot of them have lawyers and managers. Its really tough.
I can imagine. I was told that you are expected to be one of the top level girls when your name gets out there. What do you think about that?
“If I can be popular that’s great.”

At this point a man, impeccably dressed like all staff at Lotus, excuses himself entering the room and hands her a half size subway sandwich and a coffee. He then excuses himself and backs out of the room.
We continued while she ate the tuna sandwich.

OK. Do your parents and family know what you are doing?
“No they don’t.
So if you became famous or successful in this industry and they found out…would that be a problem?
“Probably. I know my dad would not be happy. But this is my life. I have to do things to help me now. I cant worry about everyone else. Anyway they probably wont find out. My family is not connected with this sort of thing…at all.
Can I ask what your father does?
“No, I don’t want to talk about that.
Ok. What about sex. It is your job now. So do you enjoy sex?
She laughs…“Of course I like sex. Don’t you?
Haha…I mean when you are working…are you really having a good time or is it just work?
“For me, its just work. I know some girls modeling for the company….they are actually into it. They actually enjoy doing those things on camera and trying new crazy things. I dont. I mean I enjoy it privately but for modeling, its just work. I just try to look good and get things done quickly.
Your a professional.
“Haha…I am trying to be.
Ok. Do you have a boyfriend?
“I did but not now.
Why did you…
“…I just dont have time to worry about that. I want to worry about me now.
Ok ok we are almost out of time. Two more questions. 1. Do you like foreign men?
“I have never had a gaijin boyfriend but I like having sex with gaijin men. They are tall. I’m tall. It feels good.
That’s…really good to hear. OK lastly…whats your favorite position with foreign men?
She Winks and wipes her mouth with a napkin.
“Its a secret.”

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