Swine Flu: Haha Fooled Ya!

Swine Flu or H1N1 is not a problem.

It is not an epidemic.

It is not Pandemic.

It is a lie, and you are believing it.

Some interesting Facts about Swine Flu
Although internationally most countries have gone into a veritable freak out mode in regards to swine flu, it was, has been and still is fairly clear that none of this is/was necessary. No, not at all. Swine flu like Bird flu before it and SARS is not going to wipe out the human race. Millions WILL NOT die. In fact we are far more likely to die in a variety of other ways, including the use of the Swine Flu vaccine. Before I discuss that though, some useful facts about Swine Flu:

  • The Symptoms of Swine flu are; Fever, coughing, nasal congestion, muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea and fatigue.  So essentially the symptoms are the same as those of a cold or normal Flu.  Nothing special.
  • In fact Swine Flu is indistinguishable from Standard forms of Influenza.
  • The figures being reported about Swine flu are murky, hazy and often flat out lies.  “85 year old women with terminal cancer dies due to swine flu!”  Of course she dies. She is going to die if she stubs her toe. Her immune system is so impaired she would catch a cold and die walking to the bakery. Chalking that one up to Swine flu is misleading at best.  But the majority of the Swine Flu Deaths you are reading about are situations not unlike that one.
  • The swine Flu Vaccine is dangerous and in all likelyhood doesn’t work.

Are you going to die from Swine Flu?

It is very unlikely.

How unlikely you ask?  Let me jot down some figures…

Your odds of dying from….

  • Death by Assault                               331/1
  • Death by falling                                 250/1
  • Death by Poison                             1400/1
  • Death by Car Crash                      5000/1
  • Death by Murder                        20,000/1
  • Death by Dog attack                 137,000/1
  • Death in the Bath tub                807,000/1
  • Death by Terrorist Attack    6,000,000/1

Your Chances of Death by Swine Flu???

  • 8,000,000/1

That’s right….You are much more likely to fall down walking home from work and die, than you are from dying by contracting Swine Flu. Its much more likely that you will come home, open your door and the Taliban will be hanging out in your Living room with a battle axe then it is that you will die from Swine Flu.

Swine Flu Vaccine Dangerous and stupid

Now it has been said that all Doctors and nurses in Japan are being vaccinated with the swine flu vaccine. I guess that is good news for the people who make the vaccines. They are making big money. However it is not such good news for the Doctors and nurses….

  • In Sweden, to date 4 people have died after receiving the Vaccination. Another woman died in Hungry. People are dying across the globe after taking the VACCINE.
  • Vaccinations by there very nature are dangerous and unpredictable.

What is in a Vaccination?

The elements used to make a Vaccine are by their nature, extremely toxic.  Vaccines are a cash crop for Big Pharmaceutical companies.  These companies are working hand in hand with politicians and the medical industry to ensure that vaccines are released in a timely manner to maximize profits.  To to this rationing of vaccines, the first people to receive them are those considered “most at risk” ie children, Doctors and nurse and Pregnant women.  This is a black irony as Children and Pregnant women are the ones for whom vaccines are the most dangerous.

The following are common components in the chemical structure of a vaccine:

  • ALUMINUM: a neuro-toxin which has been associated w/ Alzheimers, dis-ease, dementia and seizures; aluminum is carcinogenic in laboratory mice and added to vaccines to “promote antibody response.”
  • THIRMERSOL: a sodium salt derived from the deadly poison mercury and used as a disinfectant and preservative; thirmersal has been linked to brain and kidney damage as well as immune and neurological dis-orders; it is a component of vaccines for DPT, tetanus, hepatitius B and Hib.
  • FORMALDEHYDE: a major component of embalming fluid, which of course is pumped into dead people to keep them dead; a known cancer-causing chemical, this toxic substance is used to “inactivate” viruses and detoxify bacterial toxins; formaldehyde has also shown to be injurious to the liver and to trigger gene mutations.
  • CARBOLIC ACID (PHENOL): believed to cause gender mutation; a deadly poison used as a disinfectant, dye;
  • ANTI (AGAINST) BIOTICS (LIFE): Neomycin, Streptomycin and a variety of other drugs – to which increasing numbers of the population are demonstrating serious allergies and to which increasing numbers of microbes are developing genetically-transmitted tolerance
  • ACETONE: used in fingernail polish remover and as a solvent;
  • ALUM: used as a preservative;
  • GLYCERIN: a tri-atomic alcohol extracted from natural fats which are putrefied and decomposed; toxic effects damage the kidneys, liver, lungs and “pronounced local tissue damage, gastrointestinal damage and death”;
  • TOXIC CHEMICALS & DRUGS: trace elements of other chemicals such as sodium
    hydroxide, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin, benzethonium chloride, methylparaben; some of which are known or suspected of causing cancer.

Whenever you receive a Vaccination, you are receiving the majority, if not all of these harmful compounds directly into your body.  Now, everyone knows that a woman pregnant with a child in her belly should not Smoke or drink alcohol. Why?  Because parts of these harmful substances can be transmitted to the unborn child.  What is different about Vaccinations?


Vaccinations during pregnancy are HARMFUL to your Child.  This is a fact. It is science.  What Doctors are doing is, trying to weigh Risk 1 vs. Risk2.  No Doctor can honestly tell you that receiving a Vaccination shot will be good for your child. If he/she does, they are either incompetent hence should not be allowed to practice medicine or they are lying.

Recently The LA times ran a story about Women refusing the Vaccinations and the inherent dangers of that course of action.  They sited the 1918 pandemic as follows

In the unusually severe 1918 pandemic, the miscarriage rate was an estimated 26% in women with uncomplicated flu and 52% in those with influenza and pneumonia, according to historical records. The rate of preterm birth was also about 50% in infected pregnant women.

Well…What they failed to mention, and what many Doctors and world health “officials” fail to mention is that the deaths and damage in 1918 have been DIRECTLY related to the Vaccine.  Greece had no mass vaccination program and subsequently, had no deaths.

Why are they telling us all this?

Control and Money.

Its simple.

Pandemics and epidemics make money for the medical industry and for the pharmaceutical companies, hell even the companies making the flu masks are banking it these days.  Despite the fact that they DON’T WORK. Masks don’t work kids.

Next we come to control. Its social control. Its old school, nothing new. The government and the corporations that control the Government want to keep you scared and docile. Thats why every season there is some new horrible disaster that in hindsite is never really too bad. Remember SARS? “MILLIONS WILL DIE!!!” nope. Or in Japan it was the massive “TYPHOON!!” which is nothing more than a rainstorm. With 6 years in Japan I have yet to meet a Typhoon that impressed me half as much as the storms I encountered on Americas East Coast on a regular basis. Its more of the same. If you are afraid you are easy to control.

Do not believe the hype: You are not going to die from Swine Flu.