Swine Flu
Or H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3 or barbecue sauce…whatever they are calling it this week has everyone on the edge of our collective seats.
People are looking for safety and a way to protect themselves and their families.
In this report I am reviewing some of the measures being taken by the masses and offering suggestions but first…

Eric, what is Swine Flu really? Can pigs make me sick?

Swine Flu is a virus. It is a type of influenza and yes, if you are a pig farmer, you are more likely to be infected then say…me. Eating the flesh of an infected pig (thats pork people) will not make you sick though.

Protect yourself.

Masks seem to be the big secret when it comes to protecting against the contraction of swine flu so lets take a gander at what people are doing and what people should be doing.

So Solly....
So Solly....

standard face mask

This would be what many a Japanese citizen wears pretty regularly and I wouldnt be caught dead in…and guess what? I wont be! This mask is completely useless in guarding against swine flu, or any other flu for that matter.

Rosemary Leonard, a doctor who sits on the board of Britain’s Health Protection Agency — an independent organization which advises on preventing infectious diseases — said she doubted their use by the general public.

She told the Daily Express newspaper on Tuesday that after several hours of use the masks become damp through respiration and start to become porous, thereby potentially letting any virus in or out.

If they are used, they need to be changed every few hours in order to be effective and also disposed of efficiently in order to prevent the virus spreading, she advised.

“Everyone would need a new one twice a day so we would need a phenomenal amount. There is no scientific basis that they work and it is false reassurance,” she said. “Money could be better spent on anti- viral medication.”

So unless you own stock in a surgical mask company….read on.

N for Negligent
N for Negligent

ewwwww the N-95. It looks serious and even has a serious name but alas..no. For this mask to be effective its the same story as above. 1. The mask has to be replaced every 5-6 hours and 2. It has to be PROFESSIONALLY fit tested to your face. Without these two measures its useless. So again unless you own stock and know a professional N-95 mask fitter well….enjoy that Swine flu. Moving on…



SGE 400/3 NBC Full Facepiece Respirator
Ok….lets stop fucking around and get serious. The SGE will do it for you. Stop that swine flu right in its nasty tracks. Ah the memories wearing the military version of this and putting it on, clearing it, then taking it off only to have to put it back on again all the while in a gas chamber rapidly filling with lovely CS. Memories….The best part about the SGE 400 is

Unlike other mask designs, the full facial coverage offered by the Tecno-Pro mask provides wearers with full visability additional face protection from flying debris.

Cant beat that right? But what? You still dont feel safe? Me neither…lets keep going.

Bring it...
Bring it...

Scott 60min Carbon SCBA System

So Im at home watching True Blood and I want some pretzels or whatever but its Swine flu dear god. Oh wait, I picked up my trusty Scott SCBA yesterday! I throw this bad boy on and I can wander the aisles at the Supermarket free of fear. I can stand in the Daily Yamazaki reading *Friday* untill my hearts content or my air runs out. Whichever comes first and guess what? Swine flu free. But….maybe you need more than an hour of protection?

Mom can I go play with Keisuke?
Mom can I go play with Keisuke?

C-420 PAPR Respirator System

Now I dont use the Term *Super Dupper* lightly….but I think for the C-420, I have no choice but to say *Super Dupper* again and again. With its M95 mask, blower, filters, hose, decon belt, flow indicator and Lithium battery this provides hours and hours of clean Swine flu free breathing. Now you and the family wont have to cancel that trip to DISNEY SEA!!!! In addition to the obvious perks of this *get up*

The C420 PAPR provides a cooling/fanning effect and a lightweight design which provides user greater comfort for extended wear times.

So if your out and about you can still just have a pick up game of B-ball with the boys! Can you define convenience ?? I can: C-420 PAPR Respirator System

I hope that this Report has answered your questions about guarding against Swine Flu. I am not an authority however so if questions remain I will refer you to a source that I am sure will have all the answers. Good luck and stay Swine flu free. Eric signing off….