The Boxer directed by Jim Sheridan Starring the Godly Daniel Day-Lewis released in 1997 is not to be confused with that abortion by Thomas Jahn also called “The Boxer” released in 2009.
I am an American and an ignorant one at that so I know little to nothing about “the troubles” over there between Protestants and the Catholics and the other factors involved. I imagine that if you aren’t they’re living it you can’t really get a grasp on it. Not much of one. So I am not here to say yes or no or support this or condemn that. I am here because I thought this was subtly sublime movement in the film industry.
Jim Sheridan and “Day- Lewis” have a wonderful history of collaboration including the films “My left foot” and “In the name of the father”. If you havent seen these then get on it and if you saw them and don’t like them then piss off and stop reading my blog.
This film is amazing.
The acting. The direction. The editing. It all makes too much sense.
Daniel day-Lewis is amazing. He often is but in this film he really put’s his skills to the test.
He trained for just under 2 years boxing to prepare for this film and it really shows. Im a boxer myself and I can say with confidence that his movements, even in the opening scene and the training and fight scenes later are very decent. This I think, is part of the problem with the cold over all reception the film got in ’98. People are used to “Rocky”, they are used to “SWAT”, they are used to “Bad Boys”. If you have a film particularly about boxing and it is genuine, it wont appeal to a lot of people.
The drama contained in the film is good because the talent carrying it is very good. Emily Watson plays Day-Lewis’s principle love interest and shes good at it. Brian Cox does what he does and impresses.

Whether or not “The Boxer” accurately portrays the conflict I dont know. What I do know is that it’s a subtle film that lost a lot of big coverage because of it. If you are looking for “Titanic” like nonsense go elsewhere.
This was another example of what film making is supposed to be about.
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