Tokyo is the rabbit hole.



Yura: Japanese Dominatrix

I first met Yura at the very beginning of 2007, February I believe. Stereotypically enough we met at a bar in Shinjuku, a busy area in central Tokyo. When I first met Yura the initial point that caught my eye was her height….

Erika Sato

Adult Video Model: Erika Satou

“For me, its just work. I know some girls modeling for the company….they are actually into it. They actually enjoy doing those things on camera and trying new crazy things. I dont. I mean I enjoy it privately but for modeling, its just work. I just try to look good and get things done quickly.”

Rionne and the sniper

Sceptre Films Rionne McAvoy

Sceptre productions is the brain child of Rionne McAvoy. Hailing from Australia, he intends to bring a new sensibility to Japanese film and is prepared to do it from the ground up. His latest project is almost completed and we sat down to knock out a quick interview hitting him with whatever happened to come up….

Scott Shaffer

Kickboxer Scott Shaffer Interview, Part 1

I met Scott Shaffer a few years ago at Ihara Gym in Daikanyama when he was in Japan to fight Hirono Yu. We talked a bit before working out, and immediately I liked him. I liked his attitude and his outlook and the way he approached fighting. I also have to admit I liked that he was an American (Military at that! Oorah!), because there are so few of us in the kickboxing world that have anything vaguely resembling a clue….


Kickboxer Scott Shaffer, Interview Part 2

3. Who is your favorite fighter? Why?

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