The current US president is banning Muslims and he’s Hitler. He spits on refugees while the rest of the world reaches out to help those poor souls. Actually, Donald is far more Hitler-esque than the other guy was, if you get your information from the deluge of verbal and print diarrhea spewing forth from the ever-open orifices of the celebrity elite. 

Raul Malo said it well in his recent Rolling Stone piece.  “These are racist policies, but it’s not anything that Trump didn’t say in the campaign – this is all stuff that he said he was going to do. So now it’s up to the artists, the writers, the reporters, the journalists, the poets, the painters.” 

It’s up to the poets and painters? I feel safer already; open those flood gates and let’em in! 

America, after all, is such an evil, racist place populated by deplorable Aryan wanna-be slave owners, it deserves to drown in a sea of undocumented, untraceable and unaccountable people from a part of the world who rightfully hate it.  Literally, millions have died to keep Dick Cheney in a never ending supply of Doritos, so now we should let all of those people, those families and friends of all the people who died from American ordinance, come on over and move in next door.

Nothing bad could possibly come of that. Right?

Some have pointed out at that, well no, maybe that isn’t a good idea. After all, Saudi Arabia, an actual geographical neighbor to Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran, a place with a general culture far more closely resembling the one these people are leaving behind and facilities in place to accommodate a massive band of homeless wonderers, has said plainly that they won’t take the refugees/migrants in, because it could cause tension with other groups in their country.  

In fact, lots of Middle Eastern countries are all telling refugees to piss off, and nobody seems to have a problem with that, but Trump is a racist Nazi fascist for wanting to implement a ban.  It might be instructive to look at what some other countries, globally, are doing with their immigration policies to help these poor refugees.

Is the rest of the world opening wide its doors, German-like, and passing out candy to these homeless migrants?

Well, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said plainly, on more than one occasion, that Japan has its own demographic issues to deal with before it opens its doors for the refugees to come in and eat all their sushi.  In fact, last year, out of over 7,500 refugee applications, Japan only accepted 26.  In fact, it seems Japan would rather die slowly, face down in a bowl of ramen noodles, than let these people in.

Unlike the heroic Raul Malo and various brave painters, Japan’s AKB 48 has yet to give interviews damning the Abe regime as racist Nazi fascist pigs.  I’m sure they’ll be making their speech any day now though.

Australia has skipped the candies and high-fives, and instead has imprisoned refugees on some islands, waiting for a deal they made with Barrack to go through, in which said refugees would leave Australia all together and be shipped to the USA, ostensibly to be awarded voting rights, EBT cards and free smart phones.  Angry painters the world over must be shaking their fists at Trump for shutting down this “deal” by calling it stupid and then hanging up on the leader of Australia. (Even though this never really happened. ) But surely some great nation must be prepared to give away its lunch, and that nation would likely be…

…Canada; you progressive bastion of…progressiveness. What is maple sweet Canada doing other than kicking its own doors off the hinges and accepting the needy millions from war ravaged geographical toilets into its inoffensive embrace? Well, for starters, they must have plenty of space available, as they share a southern border with the richest country in the world, and have an average of 250,000 immigrants per year, whereas the USA shares a southern border with a much poorer country and has, on average, 1,000,000 immigrants per year. So, it makes sense that Canada would open wide it’s mild mannered arms, ignore the 70% of it’s population that doesn’t want hundreds of thousands of refugees coming in, and make fragile yet socially aware artists the world over rejoice. Except, over and over again stories continue to bubble to the surface of the Trudeu spank fest about how difficult it is to actually get through the vetting process in Canada due to it’s strict regulations. Is there trouble in the immigrant’s paradise?

Say it ain’t so.

But wait, what about the hero of refugee admittance with baskets full of candy, that hub of politically intense poets, Germany? Surely, Germany has adjusted to it’s new guests and everyone is holding hands, sharing beers and loving all things generally strudel. Well, according to the data, as largely young, single, unskilled Muslim male refugees come into Germany, the skilled, university educated future of the country, i.e. actual Germans, are leaving. As one 18 year old refugee put it poetically enough in an interview to Die Freitag, “We refugees… do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany.

As the singers, poets and painters, with their Western civilization facilitated progressive angst all fist shake at the new Hitler and lament the evil which has infested the White house, the rest of the world seems to be doing all it can to keep refugees, and all their associated problems, at arms length and beyond. 

So, what gives? Are the world’s governments all infested with dangerous, fascist, racist, capitalist pigs? If so, and if the fate of the world is in the hands of the painter’s etc. then one might be worried, because we all know how that turned out last time.

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