Over the period of a few months, of visiting multiple beer establishments in Tokyo, I’ve seen the above picture in EVERY single bathroom.   Along with the picture there is inevitably some sort of witty line about how much of a pussy you are unless you leave the bar on your hands and knees. It’s never a nice print either, always looking like someone printed the picture out years ago and then made a copy of a copy on some sort of 90s grunge photocopy machine.

I don’t know if there is some sort of email list where pictures like this get passed around but it’s strange that competitors in the Tokyo bar scene all have the same image.

Holding a bunch of beers
This is how she’s doing it by the way.

via TheSniper

It’s not Oktoberfest and I’ve only been to an Oktoberfest themed bar once, years ago, and it wasn’t there.

Waitress serves mugs of beer during 176th Oktoberfest in Munich
It’s not like they’re aren’t hotter girls with a bunch of steins out there.

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Or even hot and more annoyed women with lots of beers

via badbadjuju

Or even carrying more beers

via twistedsifter

Yet every time I’m doing my business, I look up at the wall and there she is, the Incredibly Annoyed Oktoberfest Matron and her giant steins.

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