Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad the show of a high school teacher who is forced to become a meth manufacturer in the dark underworld of Methheads and Mexican Cartel.  Cooking it turns out is the easy part, it’s the distrubution that is difficult and what most of the show is about.  The show just finished its fourth season and man oh man, it did not disappoint. Gripping, action packed, fun, great story arc and in the final episode did it ever climax! Season Four is the best so far … by far.

Bryan Cranston is the guy who was the dufus dad in Malcolm in the Middle but in Breaking Bad his acting talents are showcased, incredibly well, as the genius Chemistry teacher turned underworld killer, Walter White.

The first few seasons you can tell the writers struggled with the show. Elements at beginning (Those flashbacks of his Chemistry research days for example) were dropped when the show took off and they took the show in a new direction and later seasons had to go back and add elements to keep the continuity going.  But by opening up to different aspects of the meth industry they were able to keep the show fresh.

Another TV show, Rescue Me (the New York fire fighting show), was involved in a similar situation as Breaking Bad.  One of the big problems with Rescue Me was that it got repetitive. The show was best when he was drunk, his wife hated him and he was banging his cousins’ widow. The show knew it so there were all these ridiculous crazy situations the writers created to get back to that point … it just got repetitive and … boring.

Breaking Bad risked going down the same road but with the whole Mexican cartel angle and the anti-hero Gus I think the show avoided that. But what created an incredible addicting program is not just the action.   What did it for me are the moral choices that the main character Walter White has to make. Its having Walter do horrible, horrible things to protect himself and his family and wondering if you would/could do the same things is what that makes the show so addicting.

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