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Sports teams ( that Time has deemed offensive )

Public attitudes towards what is and what is not acceptable have changed over the years. As more and more organizations change their names to reflect political correctness, here is a look back at the more extreme examples of Sports teams that time has deemed offensive.

Pekin Chinks

Pekin, Illinois was named because it was half way around the world from the real Peking. But apparently the new settlers thought they were so much cooler than the other boring old school Peking that they dropped the “g”. I’m from Pekin Yo!

Before the political correctness-Nazis came and ruined everyone’s fun, the fine people of Pekin woke up one day and thought “hmmm we need a name for our high school sports teams.” So, they all sat down and threw out some ideas, “What will inspire victory and be an easily marketable T-shirt … Pekin Predators? No sounds like a team of child molesters. Pekin Pirates? No we don’t want to offend those swashbucklers … I know, the Pekin Chinks!”


Yes the Pekin Chinks. The Chinks became a honored tradition. The team mascot was a kid dressed wearing a coolie outfit and he would strike a gong every time someone scored a goal or dunked a ball. Every year the school would elect a Chink and Chinkette who appeared at sporting events and school functions.

The school teams were officially known as the Pekin Chinks until 1980 when the school administration changed the nickname to the Pekin Dragons. The move was hotly contested by the student body and still annoys former students. One such disgruntled student reflects on how the PC police stole his heritage: “We interpreted Chink to be a term meaning “worker”, and we were proud “workers” for Pekin High. I still have the glasses, letter sweater, etc. ”

The Crackers

Before the Braves moved to Atlanta, the capital of Georgia had their own AAA baseball team the Atlanta Crackers. Not happy with one team the city decided it needed two Crackers and the so the Negro league created the Atlanta Black Crackers. After the desegregation of baseball the Black Crackers lost most of its players, disbanding in 1952.

The Braves have a long history starting as the Boston Braves in 1912. They stayed in Boston (Babe Ruth played for the Boston Braves) until being moved to Milwaukee and then finally to Atlanta. When the Braves came to Atlanta there was no thought to changing the name much to the annoyance of Native American groups.

Orientals and the Arabs

Arabs orientals
The Ohio high school imaginatively named, East High, used the nickname the East High Arabs for its sports teams. In the 40s the Arabs wasn’t invoking the fighting spirit that the school sought. So the teams sports teams were changed to the awe inducing Orientals . Because nothing says faster/stronger/harder than … Orientals. The mostly white school stubbornly held unto the name for decades citing school history. It wasn’t until April, 2010 that they dropped the name for something more neutral.


Before that evil Hitler guy screwed everything up the Swastika used to be a popular and well used symbol. Even now westerners visiting Japan might be shocked to look at a map and see swastikas everywhere (Swastikas mark the location of temples in Japan). Before those pesky German Nazis, in Canada alone, there were at least three hockey teams called the “Swastikas”. The women’s team, the Fernie Swastikas, were active in the 20s winning the 1923 Alpine Cup at the Banff Winter Carnival women’s ice hockey championship. There were two other teams called the Swastikas, one in Edmonton, Alberta, and another mens team the Windsor Swastikas in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Robstown Cotton Pickers

Robstown High School is a school in Robstown Texas where the population is mostly Hispanic. Their sports teams are called the Cotton Pickers and no one (there) has a problem with it. In fact if you want to support the Cotton Pickers you can get your own collection of Cotton Pickin’ hoodies and T-shirts here.

Fighting Whities

The Fighting Whites basketball team, live by their credo: “Everything is going to be all white”. Mislabeled the Fighting Whities by the evil liberal mainstream media, they were created to showcase the mad b-ball skills and to prove that White men can jump. J/K, actua lly the Fighting Whites were a group of Native Americans and other minorities who formed an intramural basketball team at the University of Northern Colorado in 2002 as a political statement against Athletic teams who use images of Native Americans. The team’s name created a media storm and their t-shirts ended up being a top seller but they had to include the statement, “Fighting the use of Native American stereotypes” to prevent the shirts being used by White supremacist groups.

The Savages

When thinking up of a nickname for their sports team Dickinson State and Eastern Washington wanted something to inspire their athletes. What better way to inspire fear than the imagery of “Native Americas” running down poor innocent white farmers with hatchets. Not happy with the seemingly weak names like red skins or braves they wanted a name that would put the fear of God into their opponents, thus the Savages were born! They kept the name for decades until time caught up with them and the theme was dropped to “promulgate the worth and dignity of the individual regardless of race or creed.”

However across the country there still remain many “Savages” including the banner for this entry the Sacramento Savages in California.

Dangerous Darkies

The Dangerous Darkies were a soccer team that played in the South Africa Association football club. The, city of Nelspruit, club played in the National Soccer League from 1991-92. They were bought up by Mpumalanga Black Aces but were reformed in 2002 as the Darkies.

Wahpeton ‘Wops’

Wahpeton Wops
Wahpeton, North Dakota is a small town in the wastelands of North Dakota. The local high school seeking a suitable name for their high athletic programs choose a name that would strike fear into anyone that competed with them. Saying a lot about North Dakota culture the Wahpeton school body choose the Wahpeton Wops. Apparently the scariest thing they could think of was a horde of Catholic Italians pillaging the prairies. For a mascot they, and I’m not kidding, a dude running around with a purple sheet over his head with eye holes cut out, a sort of purple KKK anti-Italian outfit. They even had a Wop chant:

We are the Wops, the mighty mighty Wops, everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them, WE ARE THE WOPS.

Fighting Coons

Fighting Coons
In 1924 Frisco a suburb just north of Dallas Texas had a problem with aggressive raccoons terrorizing their neighbourhood. Seeking to inspire the local high school the school board named their athletic team the “Fighting Coons” It took until 2002 before the city thought, “Hey this might be offensive to some people in our community” and changed the name to the Fighting RACOONS … just to be clear. Not everyone was for the new name with a vocal protest movement seeking to cling to the old logo chanting such protest ditties as “Don’t Rac my Coons.”

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