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How the new Arizona law turns America into a police state

For those of you living under a rock recently Arizona passed a controversial law under the seemingly innocent name, Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act . The name by the way is brilliant, and could only be surpassed by something like: Support kittens being brutally raped by devil worshippers act.

Signed into law on April 23, 2010 the act makes being in Arizona without legal status against the law. This by itself isn’t really a big deal as that it is already a federal law to be an illegal immigrant but by making it against Arizona law the controversial part of the law can be applied: Arizona police can seize anyone they suspect of being an immigrant and if they don’t have proper ID the police (In black vans of course) can throw them in jail, even if they haven’t broken any laws.

Now the big supporters of this law are the right wing, anti-Mexican, popularity-band-waggon junkies. These are the same people who think, irrationally, that Obama is a communist agent set on taking away all their freedoms and creating the United Socialist States of America. These are the people who fear the federal government is bidding its time until it can declare martial law and throw everyone into dentition camps.

Yet ironically they’ve supported the very bill that brings America one step closer to a police state. The supporters of this bill read this law as directed towards Latin-Americans but the bill doesn’t say only arrest brown people it says anyone who is suspected of being an illegal immigrant! It doesn’t say what kind of immigrant. With the passage of the law basically in Arizona the police can arrest anyone and claim that there were suspected of being an immigrant whether its from Mexico, Switzerland, Nigeria or Japan.

Now I live in a police state, Japan, where anyone can be arrested and kept in jail for 21-days without contact with family or a one free phone call. Seeing the results of the system here I would hate to see it in use in America where the potential for abuse are so high.