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The Moldy Peaches were an indie group founded by Adam Green and Kimya Dawson. Leading proponents of the anti-folk scene, the band has been on hiatus since 2004.

The website bio reads as follows…

As a child, Adam Green loved mathematics. In his teens, he became interested in the occult, particularly Satanism. At the age of 19, he became acquainted with a volunteer minister named Eldar who took him under his wing. Eldar, who was an alchemist in many ways, asked Geoff Travis(the owner of Rough Trade Records) to provide him with funding to put together a hard hitting Satanist boy/girl group. Travis, already impressed with Eldar’s success with The Strokes, was all too eager to dish out the cash. Now that the money was coming in, Eldar began to form the band. He teamed Green up with Kimya Dawson. As a child Kimya sang her devil music to the good catholic kids in school, but her only previous experience in the “business” was singing subliminal satanic backup vocals for young Hellraisers Ben Kweller and the Bay Area Bad Boys known more commonly as Third Eye Blind.


The Moldy peaches are worth listening to for a few reasons.

1- They don’t suck as hard as most of the music I am forced to hear everyday via noise pollution media like commercials on the subway, other peoples crap music blaring over my music and bizarre vending machines that have intense strobe lights and play show tunes when you purchase a lemonade.

2- Low Fi kicks ass. It really just does and its that simple. Don’t push me on this or things can go very bad for you. (I am so good at threatening people online, just like back in the old IQC days)

3- Lyrics. They are fun and, even once in a while, interesting. I wouldn’t go so far as to say insightful but, better than anything Elton Jon has come up with since…well….ever.

OK, I know most of you are liars, thieves, junkies, hookers, Pimps or homeless and the chances of you even owning a valid credit card are basically….incalculable. That having been said though, IF you stole your Mom’s American express and want to snatch up some decent new tunes for the iPod you shoplifted or stole off that kid in the wheel chair, then my recommendations are:

  • Steak for Chicken (Simply awesome song)
  • Whose got the Crack (Reminds me of high school…sadly)
  • Rainbow (I like Rainbows…what??)
  • Anyone else but you (this was in that movie Juno.)

I am all about stealing.  I mean seriously, this has been a life time passion for me and nothing gives me a harder, more aggressive boner than downloading stolen porno or crap CAM versions of big Hollywood movies, except maybe, stealing lots of cold, hard cash from old people that just can’t stop me or, maybe, eating pizza.  However, when it comes to music, bands like this or Japanese satellites from D.Katz, well if at all possible, pay them the WHOPPING 99 cents and download the fucking Mp3 for the love of god. Trust me.
I downloaded a pirated copy of John Frusciantes album The Empyrean, and it took over my whole damn life for about a year and to atone for my sins I ended up buying a John Frusciante T-shirt (like an idiot) and then eventually, downloading the album and paying for it. I mean, the ghost of awesome musicians past were terrorizing my dreams. Can you even imagine it? Jimmy Hendrix floating around in your head threatening you with a M-16 rifle screaming “Buy the fuckin album Honky!”. No, you can’t. I assure you, you don’t want that.

So the point?

Break out those stolen Credit cards and buy some music to help out these indie guys because if you don’t, we are all going to be doomed to listening to bands like 98* and SMAP for an eternity.