I kinda love New York
For most of America’s history New York has had an allure to not only Americans but people around the world. To live in New York was regarded as being a resident of probably the greatest multicultural cities in the world but also as a sign of a survivor. New York was a gritty crime ridden metropolis were you needed to be street smart to survive.

Drawn partly by NYC’s reputation money and people flowed back into the city transforming Manhattan from a crime hotspot into a safe clean Disney city. In 2009 the FBI rated New York as the safest U.S. big city. It’s still a cool city but part of the magic is gone. Now the big apple espically Manhattan feel like an over priced tourist trap. As it stands now I Kinda Love New York.

But New York is still one of the greatest artistic muses. Hundreds of songs have been written about New York. Some like “On Broadway” are household songs. Beastie Boys have made a career singing about the city. Here are some of the best New York Tribute or New York themed songs. Feel free to add any I’ve missed.

Empire State of Mind is probably the most catchy

Arthur’s Theme

Frank’s New York, New York

Angels of Harelm


No Sleep till Brooklyn

Safe in New York City – After the 911 attacks Clear Channel radio stations were banned from playing any Rage against the machine songs and this ACDC track

Walk on the Wild Side

In a New York Minute Personifying New York’s gritty past

Kinda New York Songs:

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
Fairytale of New York by the Pogues is more of a Xmas song than a New York song.