I have seen Anizo a couple times in Shinjuku.

He usually hangs out on the big side walk just outside the south Exit near the Tower records.  You can find him out there in the cold and wind, amp set up, beany pulled down nearly over his eyes, seven string base slung across his body.

His music is mellow yet complex and its not hard to lose 30 minutes on a Thursday night just standing there soaking up this cool groove.

Out the south Exit and down the steps, near the gap, usually you can find lots of live acts, usually pretty standard J-pop types and there is always a pretty big crowd there clapping and taking videos with mobile phones and giving too much attention to something that doesn’t
warrant it. 
Anizo and his crowd are different. 
I’ve never seen more than ten people listening  to him at once, but after every set he plays, I have never NOT seen several people walk up and buy his CD.  His music has that effect.

Anizo’s website