Yellow Cab : A derogatory term used by foreigners (primarily) to describe a Japanese woman who will easily have sex with someone she has just met.

“She’s like a Yellow Cab. Cheap and anyone can have a ride.”

Japanese Yellow Cab

There is a prevailing notion amongst many foreigners who reside in Japan and abroad that Japanese women are particularly easy and more so than women in other countries, especially the western homelands from which most of us are from.  The idea is based on the belief that Japanese women will have sex with any foreigner that buys them a “long island iced tea”.  This all comes from the testimonies of many an ex-patriot who apparently did not fare so well with the opposite sex at home, yet who have managed to become quite “popular” while living in Japan.s

He is inevitably so desired by Japanese women that nothing can touch him, nobody can possibly resist his foreign charms….he is a living, breathing Don Juan, so capable of getting “J-girls” naked that his ego has swelled to a very uncomfortable size indeed.

Despite all this having been said, I put forth the idea that the majority of Japanese women couldn’t give two old rat shits about foreign men and that in fact, by and large most “gaijin” are fishing in (what most Japanese men would consider to be)  the “second-hand, burnt out, used up, C grade, over the hill,   nobody sees them wall flowers” pond.  It is a smelly pond indeed.

Like everything else, this is not an absolute rule and sometimes a foreign man can be seen with a genuinely attractive and interesting Japanese woman.  This however, is more rare than the “Gaijin” community would like us to think.

I want to identify below some of the reasons why this fallacy exists.

  1. Yellow fever causes blindness.
    Really. If someone is on the war path in the sense that he wants to be with Asian women all the time and constantly needs someone new in his bed, it’s very likely that he just has no sense of who is actually pretty, who is Cute, who is OK, and who is the girl who fell and hit all the damn branches whilst plummeting from the ugly tree.  Essentially, if she’s not fat, she’s OK in a lot of “gaijin” books. In fact, sometimes fat is considered a bonus.
  2. This is Japan.
    There are rules for everything. If you want Computer parts you go to Akihabara.  If you want to shop and your 15 you go to Harajuku, 30 and you go to Ginza. Want busy streets and Karaoke you go to Shibuya but if you want sheik and posh bars you visit Ebisu.  So, the areas in which women interested in foreign men can go are clearly marked. Roppongi: Heartland, The Hub, Fridays, International Parties etc.  The girls that Gaijin men are meeting at these places are there because at the least, they have some interest in foreign culture and this often translates to interest in foreign men, or, can translate to that after several cocktails. The point to remember here is, for every 1 girl who is there and is interested, there are 10 that are not.  10 that hate hamburgers and English and loud foreign men who can’t speak a lick of Japanese despite having lived in the country for 3 years.  Point: It’s a special population, not the norm.
  3. English Conversation schools: A wash with Hormones.
    Not only does number 2 sort of apply here in terms of special populations, but in addition to that, the English conversation schools or Eikaiwa, are little social training centers for otherwise socially inept individuals.  Sitting for 6-8 hours a day and having one on one conversations with clients, most of whom are female, is a very effective way to build confidence in someone who back home got nervous asking for cream with his coffee. This situation coupled with the people being there already having a clearly defined interest in foreign whatever equals easy pickings….often enough.
  4. Catholic guilt, this is not.
    Not everyone has a moral compass based on Judeo-Christian ideas.  Different groups of people have different concepts on what sex is for. So yes, in Japan there seems to be a more relaxed view regarding extra marital affairs and engaging in sex just because it feels good. When a Japanese woman told my friend that she has sex with other men that she doesn’t plan to date seriously because it “feels good” he then began referring to her as a “whore”.  This is a very prevalent stream of thought amongst Gaijin men who themselves are running around sleeping with loads of women that they don’t care about.  They are engaging in behavior that is a mirror image of the behavior they are condemning in the women they are with but for these men, it’s much worse. The women honestly don’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing and why should they?  The dumb bastard foreign male they picked up outside Yokosuka is just something to numb the pain of her boring life or perhaps a relatively uncomplicated way for her to get over a bad break up.  Who knows? Their morality comes from the murky abyss that is Japanese common sense and ethical values where, as the man has grown up with a clear sense that promiscuity is WRONG.  WRONG. Yet he is engaging in said behavior on a massive scale.  Who is actually the WHORE in this situation?  The woman living by the values she knows and accepts or the man turning his back on the ones he knows?

What I put forth in conclusion here is that if you’re  mystified, terrified or just disappointed or even disgusted by how “easy and slutty” all the “J-girls” you know are, then perhaps you should take a few moments of critical thinking time and take stock of yourself.  It’s likely that YOU are the faulty, rotten component in the equation much more so than any of the women you have spent time with.

For you Western readers…

But surely Adam cannot be excused; Her fault though great, yet he was most to blame; What weakness offered, strength might have refused, Being lord of all, the greater was the shame.” -Lanyer, Aemilia

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