Numerology: The first step

Numerology is defined as  “any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things.

Another way to define Numerology is to call it simply a system of divination and yet another way would be to say its a personal growth system that enables you to better understand and manage yourself.

A look inside of you


Living life without an understanding of your own strengths and weakness makes no sense. You can only play to your strengths if you know what they are and you can only work to improve your weak points if you can identify them. This is the first and most basic function of Numerology.  In the realm of fortune telling and astral awareness and even self improvement there are so many systems and “Guru’s” it can be mind boggling.  Numerology is a numerical system based on concepts and ideas that have existed for thousands of year’s.  Systems are plentiful and it can be confusing.  For example there is the ancient Pythagorean system started by Pythagoras himself in Greece in the 6th century B.C. There is also Kabbalah, the Jewish system,  and the Indian system Vedas.  Chinese systems are often abandoned for the more immediate fix given by Fung Shui or using the I-Ching….but this can be confusing and even, dangerous.

You would not move into a house that has no foundation would you?  Jumping to a quick answer system without having a clear and broad understanding of yourself is the same thing and it can easily lead to personal, financial or emotional ruin.

The particular system I have learned in Japan is set up to not only show what your current personality is but also why it is like that and how you developed. Once you understand these points you can consciously work to change and shift components around in your life, to make yourself more complete, productive and happy.  Once you have aligned yourself properly and made adjustments you can begin to cultivate and collect personal energy within your own body and mind. Later you can even collect and absorb energy from other people to help increase the power of your vibrations.

Once your own personal energy is emitting a high enough vibration, then you can consider moving forward and using powerful tool’s such as the I-Ching or Astral Projection to enhance your life and chances of success.

Colors and Numbers

Although the basic system is very simple as you will see below, the ability to give someone an accurate reading takes a fair amount of practice, patience, understanding and sensitivity.  Anyone can calculate the numbers and find the correct colors or vibrations but knowing what to do with that information is something very different.  In addition, if your present energy level is low it is unlikely you will get anything from a self performed reading.  In fact you might even project your current negative vibrations into the reading and come away with some ideas or impressions that are just false.

For these reasons I recommend that you use the following information only as a way for you to educate yourself a bit and determine if you would like to go further with this. In your own reading keep the atmosphere light and fun. Do not take it too seriously and just enjoy learning a bit about this fascinating and powerful system.

The first step…

First write down your birth date. For today’s demonstration I am going to use U.S. President Barrack Obama’s birth date.

1961 August 04

Then we make this all numbers.

1961 08 04

Next we make this an equation.  In this system, 9’s equal 0’s so you ignore them.

First we calculate the year.

1 + 6 + 1= 8

Next we calculate the month and day together.

8+4= 12 (we further break this down) 1+2=3

Now you combine these two in order to ascertain the third number in the sequence.

8 + 3=11 (break it down) 1 + 1= 2

So President Obama’s numbers are 832.

Finding the Numbers meaning

Once you have found your numbers then it is time for you to start to analyze what these numbers might mean.  In the system, every number corresponds to a color and these colors correspond largely to your aura and vibrations.

The next step is to simply match colors with the appropriate numbers.

Please keep in mind these VERY broad strokes. It would take me a very long time to compile all the information I have about these Vibrations in a blog and it would be a waste of time with out you completely understanding some concepts that most people simply cannot grasp unless they FEEL them first. So just let these be very open guidelines for right now.

  1. WHITE- Someone that NEEDS goals. A very thorough person and enjoys the process of achievement.  Sensitive and has a sense about art and style. Usually a bit of a Clean freak and attracted to education.
  2. RED- An Independent person, overly Sensitive and has trouble cooperating or helping the team, This person is a doer but is also very jealous and concerned with their position in any situation.
  3. ORANGE- Like Red, a Doer, Realistic and enjoys Change.
  4. YELLOW-Intuitive and often artistic. Big hearted and either very good or horribly bad at human relations.   This person is a Big Winner or a Huge loser. Its never in the middle.
  5. GREEN- These people crave stability. They judge things on past experiences and they are considerate. Often they can quickly become Mentally fatigued. They are good line workers as they don’t often complain or search for something better.  Intellectually they follow the crowd.
  6. LIGHT BLUE (Sky blue) These people are very dexterous OR insanely clumsy. They have a lot of scattered information in their heads and can talk about almost anything without really being and authority on any single subject.  They are social and have lots of different friends due to their mild and pleasant nature.  However they are often getting caught up in other peoples business and troubles.
  7. BLUE- Stubborn.  Overly developed sense of responsibility can lead to feelings of guilt regarding things that actually are not their fault.  Generally they think their own opinions are more important than the actual facts. They take pride in their work.  They can become obsessive about things they are interested in.
  8. PURPLE- These are the bossy types. They have a very strong presence or charisma and they like to stand out and be different.Often they are entertainers or politicians.  They have a gift for analyzing things.  Often they are liked well by the opposite sex much more than by their own sex.
  9. GOLD- Like Purple people Gold people can analyze a situation but are often indecisive.  They have trouble saying NO when asked for help.  They have a real power to create something or destroy something be it a project, a relationship or a life.

A basic reading of President Obama

OK we know that his numbers are 832.




He is an adult so the first number, or the 8 is his primary day to day personality.  And that means he is bossy. He has big charisma and presence and people listen to him. He is also, as we all know, The President of the United states, so the politician point, yeah Purple fits this man.

We skip now to the third number. This was his personality as a child and it helped to form his personality today.  That is Red. He was an independent child. and he was bright.  He had a a lot of pride and this pushed him to succeed and develop.  He probably had some trouble cooperating so he learned to convince people to do what he thought was best.  Although these days his personality is very purple this Red still is in there working behind the scenes.

Finally the second color of  the system is what someone is using to make choices in day to day life.  Obama is Orange.  This means he can act and act decisively.   He also can see ahead and anticipate the tides of change, he has foresight. He is full of ideas and is realistic and WANTS Change to come. He likes Change and thrives off the motion created by it.

This sounds a lot like the President Obama I have seen thus far.  What do you think?

In closing

As I mentioned earlier, take your time and have fun with the readings you are doing on your own. Be playful and just treat it like a game.  It takes a lot of experience and practice and the tutelage of a genuine Numerologist to enable one to accurately use this system.

If you have questions about the system or about your reading you can feel free to leave a comment and I will surely reply.  If it is private simply say so and I will email you directly.

Thank you and remember….You are in control of your life.

P:S: This system makes ANY cold reading incredibly easy.  Good luck.

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