So you rented a big flat, 2 or 3 LDK because you “wanted room to move” but now you feel like a fool because you spend all your time in your bedroom and that office you had planned has yet to materialize or the weight room just hasnt come into being yet.
You know that if you rent that extra room out, you can pocket that cash or divert it toward something more productive.
But how to do this?

It’s really quite easy.

  • Register on some websites like Craigs list, Japan Guide and Gaijin Pot.
  • Post a DETAILED profile about your flat and the room for rent.
  • Post a detailed questionnaire for people interested in the room. It  helps to weed out the wackos and time wasters.
  • Post some information about yourself….its only fair.

Something like this makes sense and has worked well for me.

Points and pitfalls to watch out for!

  • FRUITCAKES. They come and insist they want to move in but ask if its ok if they bring their monkey.
  • TIMEWASTERS. They want to see the room….again…and again..and again. Then move in some place else.
  • CUT AND RUN SHORT TERMS. People that move in and one day you come home and they have vanished without a trace.
  • OPPOSITE SEX. If you’re a woman and a man moves in, be smart. If you’re a man and a woman moves in : Keep it in your pants.