As I talked about earlier the Captain of Gaijinass, Eric tragically passed away (The medical examiner has still not released a cause of death). Thanks to people like you his family did not fall into more debt as this crowdsourced fundraising effort was able to raise some money to cover the costs of a Japanese funeral, which is very expensive.

I was lucky to have known Eric for years but for those who didn’t but liked his writing and want to get to know him, even more, you should check out his Quora account. If you don’t know, Quora is a forum where you can ask people questions. He was getting quite popular and his answers often revealed a lot about his thought process and personality.

Eric Gaijinass

If you want more, he was also experimenting with YouTube. Eric was a very charismatic guy and a lot of this was down to his mannerisms. Obviously, you can’t experience that but you might be able to catch a glimmer of it on his YouTube channel, MrGaijinAss.