Lately I’ve been getting into the Game of Thrones (GoT) Universe. I love the intrigue and scope of the series and more and more people seem to be catching on. The growth and popularity of the show are incredible with a number of legitimate viewers increasing each episode. In addition to people watching on HBO, Game of Thrones is also the most torrented show in history.

Recently I started to get into the geography of the show so I started collecting maps mostly created by fans of the show. I came across an interesting theory that the weird multi-year winters in the Game of Thrones universe are because they don’t live on a planet but rather a Dyson Sphere. Made famous in the Halo or Larry Niven’s Ringworld Universe Dyson Spheres look like a thin strip or ring that surrounds a Sun.

ringworld Larry Niven

Look familiar? Well it should as Dyson Spheres look very similar to the graphics of the opening sequence of the HBO TV Show:


However, the writer of Game of Thrones and the TV show producers have all confirmed that the story takes place on a “normal” world much like ours. The coolest map would have to be the totally interactive map of all the Houses and characters via If you want to know what the political situation in Westeros after book 5 you can look at this map.

present political map of westeros after Book 5
Present political Map of Westros

The most detailed static map of this world was made by GoT fan Ser Mountaingoat, and you can click to get more detail here:

There has been a lot of work on comparing the GoT world with ours and one fan, Dman861, has been able to work out the equator and wrap the known GoT world onto a globe:

GoT Globe1
GoT Globe2
GoT Globe3
GoT Globe4
GoT Globe5

To wrap this post up I’ve added a visual history of GoT maps created by Reddit user hotbrownDoubleDouble:

Game Of Thrones History Map 1
Game Of Thrones History Map 2
Game Of Thrones History Map 3
Game Of Thrones History Map 5
Game Of Thrones History Map 6
Game Of Thrones History Map 7
Game Of Thrones History Map 8


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