Shchus Petro Vladimirovic

When I arrived to work today my office was abuzz with breaking news about a 25 year-old German national who was wanted by the police. His face was everywhere, even the train’s breaking news TVs. No one in the office knew what he did only that a scary foreigner (that looks suspiciously like Snowden) was creeping around Japan, up to no good.

Co-workers talked about seeing interviews with nervous Japanese families worried that the evil foreigner was going to attack their kids.  The nervous families made me think that maybe the German was a kiddy diddler which would spell bad news for all foreigners, like it did in Korea a couple of years ago.  Searches online for “escaped German” did bring up a 25 year-old German, an anti-whaling activist, who was arrested in Tsuji for “damaging” a statue, but later news confirmed it wasn’t him.

Later in the day we found out the full story. One German national, Shchus Petro Vladimirovic, was brought into Sendai Central Police Station in Aoba Ward for questioning after getting into an altercation with hotel staff. Under questioning for about two weeks Vladimirovic decided he had enough and made a break for it. Japanese police can keep you locked up for 21 days without charges (as we know all to well).

Standard procedure is to tie a foreigner to a chair with rope and to also have them handcuffed but for some reason this was not done. When a police officer had to go out of the room to check something, Vladimirovic seized his chance and nonchalantly walked out of the interrogation room wearing nothing but slippers, a button up shirt and some light trousers. Then he somehow Jason Bourned his way down from the 4th floor of the police station and hit the road. Every few hours today they’ve done updates on his progress as he successfully hitched rides through-out rural Japan begging for clothes along the way using broken English and simple Japanese.

And so Japan waits with baited breath as this dangerous fugitive criss crossing the country but if you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find him… maybe you can hire… The German.

UPDATE! Japan Safe! German Captured!

In an effort to find The German Japanese police taped a message, in German, assuring the fugitive that he wouldn’t be hurt if he turned himself in. They then rented cars with giant speakers and drove slowly around the countryside broadcasting the message in hopes The German would hear it. It is unknown if the message was received but the fugitive finally turned himself in. As he traveled around the countryside Japanese residents took pity on him and gave him some clothes.

According to prefectural police, at the time of his escape Shchus was wearing only a T-shirt and sweatpants and was barefoot, but was wearing a black suit and baseball cleats when he turned himself in.

It was already known that during his flight, Shchus got a ride to the prefectural city of Tagajo from a motorist unaware he was a fugitive. A Tagajo resident said they gave Shchus a blue long-sleeved shirt and a pair of slippers, and police also received a tip that Shchus was seen wearing a green scarf.

Police say that after turning himself in, Shchus complained of being hungry. — Mainichi

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