So many restaurants don’t make it.  So many people think they have a good idea for a restaurant and the guy that makes all the money is the guy who sells the equipment.  It’s just like the guy who sells the guitars makes the money, not the guy in the band – Joel Hodgson

While watching the so-simple-I-can’t-believe-this-is-so-funny comedians in cars getting coffee a funnyman that I have never heard of summed up what I have been thinking for years. This whole concept that all you have to do is buckle down to become rich and famous just never really sat right with me. It wasn’t till I heard it spoken, on a comedy show, in front of Jerry Seinfeld that it made sense. Who is making money off all these people thinking they can make it big if they just put a lot of effort into it? It’s those selling the dream! When gold was struck in the … anywhere … it was’t the miners that got rich, it was the people outfitting the miners, selling them flapjacks and selling them booze. The money isn’t in the dream but creating a way to profit off those who are struggling, often hopelessly to reach their dream.

Even if you have real talent your chances of striking it big are small … very small. Ask anyone who is into music and they’ll give you a huge list of bands that ooze musical skills out of every orifice of their bodies but seemingly just can’t get a break. Those that do become hits are just the lucky ones, right place, right time.

Reality TV if anything has broadcast that theme to the masses. Hundreds of thousands of people with real talent duke it out on X Factor, American Idol, The Voice yet there is only one winner a season and even with the all that marketing behind them barely a handful of these “grand finale winners” ever get a music career. Yet people don’t see the hundreds of thousands, some with real talent, that have fallen by the way-side all they see is the few that make it, and imagine themselves in that position. While these shows that sell the dream make millions. It’s the same with Hollywood. For every actor that makes it hundreds don’t yet the only stories we hear are the ones that make it onto Leno, or Letterman.

I’m not saying don’t go after your dream but it seems, to me anyway, that the odds are stacked in favor of the house.  So shelve your dreams of opening a new restaurant (that have a 60% failure rate), don’t purchase a couple grand sound system to advance your DJ career.  No the angle you want is in selling the dream, not following it.

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