“In our country the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state.” -Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Nuclear power has done a lot for Japan and it’s going nowhere.  The first commercial reactor went online in 1966, and since 1976 Nuclear power has been given the high throne of national strategic priority.  Before 2011/03/11, an estimated 30% of Japan’s power needs were met by nuclear means and it has been projected that by 2030 50% of power in Japan will be Nuclear.

As of late there have been protests in abundance and many an outcry demanding a move away from nuclear power, but this is all completely in vain.  Japan as an entity has invested too much time, money and hope in the dream of nuclear power to simply turn away from it.  The old guard sitting on the hill won’t let this happen just like they won’t let women forget what they’re here for.

Keep up the good work, Japan.

And why should they?  To all the protesters that posted pictures on Facebook taken with your iphones and digital cameras, who is going to make up the difference when all the nuclear plants are shut down?  You? Are you going to reach into your pocket to fund the construction of massive fields of alternative energy producing facilities?  Are you going to pay the insane tax on the imported coal and oil and wear a mask so you can breath outside due to what will be absolutely beyond belief rampant air pollution?  No?

Then shut the fuck up.  You were all OK when things were “safe”.  You’ve all enjoyed the growth and development that came hand in hand with nuclear power.  So unless you’re willing to pony up a massive amount of cash and drastically change your lifestyle, shut it.

That having been said, Japan has nuclear weapons.

“What pretty colors.”

A lot of people, including most Japanese, will tell you something different, but don’t drink the Kool-Aid.  These weapons exist.

If you came into my house, and in an extra room, sort of off to the side of the living room, you saw a bunch of shelves, and on these shelves, you found the following materials: tons of cold medicine, Hydrogen peroxide, Lithium batteries, rubbing alcohol, Acetone, Coolers, coffee filters, aluminum foil, aquarium tubing, camping fuel, drain cleaner, road flares, dry ice, gas additives and ammonium sulfate; you might come to the logical conclusion that I am, in fact, cooking up a ton of crystal meth in the trailer out back.

And you wouldn’t be wrong!

“Occupation? Scientist!”

Hey, perhaps I’m simply an amateur chemist or I am just an incredibly unlucky hoarder. Or maybe I own an aquarium and have a really bad cold, enjoy making homemade root-beer on Halloween, own an old car, dye my hair and like to be prepared. Maybe.  Although “correlation equals causation” might be a logical fallacy, and we have all left com hoc ergo prompter hoc well in the dust, the reality remains; correlations between one thing and another can be very telling.  Particularly when these connections begin to pile up.

So now allow me to propose another thought experiment.

Let’s say you walk into another house and in a side room you find the following: Weapons grade plutonium and a reactor that performs little other function than turning spent nuclear fuel into weapons grade gear,  a highly functional three stage solid fuel rocket with proven re-entry capability, the engineering prowess to turn screw drivers and put it all together and a steady stream of politicians and military advisers that have supported a nuclear weaponized Japan.

What conclusion would you logically come to after seeing all these goodies in that room?

“Wrong conclusion, guys.”

The Fuel

In 1995, Japan said that it had about 4.7 tons of good ole plutonium.  That’s enough to make about 700 nuclear war heads, give or take an Apocalypse or two.

The Reactor

In picturesque Tsuruga, Japan, alongside the container port, the bulk terminal, the coal-fired power plant, the two textile mills and the 20 bronze statues, located in the bustling downtown district, of “popular” anime characters from the 1970’s hit Uchu Senkan Yamato, one can also find the Monju Nuclear Power Plant.

Monju is a very special power plant, because it actually produces very little power.  What FBRs do, or Fast Breeder Reactors, is they reprocess largely spent uranium/plutonium. Basically the idea is for these to produce more fissile material than they consume.  Great right?  Sure it is.  Especially considering that the most common reprocessing technique, called PUREX,  “is generally considered a large proliferation concern because such reprocessing technologies can be used to extract weapons grade plutonium (or Uranium) from a reactor operated on a short refuelling cycle.”

But these facilities are heavily monitored both by agencies within Japan and by international groups such as the IAEA. Right? Correct.  Hence an extensive system of surveillance which consists of Modular Integrated Video Surveillance (MIVS) and advanced radiation monitoring systems.  With all this surveillance and these safe guards, there would be no way for fuel to be misplaced and hence, this FBR could never be used as a”laundry” to make weapons grade 235U.

Well, what if there was an accident and video was lost and a cover up ensued?


I only ask because in 1994 Monju went critical and there was an accident and video was, well, lost and a, um…cover up ensued.

And this matters because according to a Japanese paper on the subject of security and monitoring of FBR facilities “In fast breeder reactors and advanced thermal reactors, there exist difficult-to-access areas where direct verification of the inventory of fuel in the reactor core is impossible.”  This means that after the “accident” and the lost video and the cover ups etc, it was impossible to tell if anything was actually missing.

Two other compelling pieces of circumstantial evidence exist that further tip the scales indicating Japan’s military agenda.  One is that the countries that have or have had Fast Breeder Reactors, are all states that are armed with nuclear weapons or were armed.  France, Germany, India, UK, USA, Russia and China.

The Second point is that the CIRUS facility in India, a FBR facility, is not under civilian oversight but rather that of the military.  If it was being monitored by the correct  civilian agencies both domestic and international, the production and extraction of weapons grade material would be much more difficult, so India just said “Fuck that Noise” and made it a military installation independent and unaccountable to anyone outside of the war mongers club.

The Missile

If one has a nuclear war head and wants to get it from point A to point B one needs a delivery method because throwing it probably won’t cut it.

Enter the MV Rocket!

This baby is a Japanese solid fuel rocket design for “launching satellites”, respectively.  Solid fuel matters because these can sit around inactive for a pretty long time and then be launched on very short notice.  This is why Japan has maintained their solid fuel technology over the years despite liquid fuel and hybrid rockets being more efficient for space launch endeavors.

In addition to having a rocket, Japan has also shown its technological prowess in the realm of re-entry.  This is critical when sending something into space, because for it to then kill lots of people, it has to RE-ENTER the atmosphere and land on someone’s head.

This, according to former lieutenant-general Toshiyuki Shikata, was the point of the fifth MV Hayabusa launch and capsule re-entry.  “It demonstrated that Japan’s ballistic missile capability is credible.”

The Engineers to turn screw drivers

This is incredibly clear: Japan has the technical prowess to make Nukes.  In the 1998 Selig Harrison/ Rumsfeld commission it was determined by the United States that:

There is a considerable speculation that Japan has aspirations to become a nuclear power.  and it could develop nuclear weapons, on short notice if it has not already done so.

The report further went on to discuss Japan’s “advanced technology in the atomic field” and it’s “stock piles of plutonium”.

‘Nuff said.

“Your Missile’s SO BIG…and I love your Re-entry Technology! Mmmmmm.”

Steady Stream of Military advisers and Politicians down with WMDs

We already mentioned our homeboy Toshiyuki Shikata above, but there is a long line of powerful people in Japan that think nuclear weapons are a valid option.  Former Prime minister Koizumi was quoted as saying while discussing nuclear weapons “it is significant that although we could have them, we do not.” This was considered a kind of endorsement of a nuclear armament by the man who continually visited Yasukuni Shrine during his time in office.  Shinzo Abe also said that the Japanese constitution did not necessarily ban the possession of nukes as long as they “weren’t used” and were kept to a minimum.  Even Yasuo Fukuda, the spineless gutter snipe, said similar things.

“I wear these to keep the Nuke glare out of my eyes.”

The prevailing argument within Japan is that the nuclear industry must be maintained not only for the commercial power it produces which keeps Japan afloat, but also to maintain the “readiness” of Japan to quickly develop a nuclear weapon.  This is considered a valid deterrent to invasion and to military intervention in Japan’s national interests abroad by aggressive countries.  Basic Deterrence theory.

Within this doctrine is where the problem with Japan’s subterfuge lies.  According to the Deterrence theory, which the Japanese have discussed at length, in order for it to work “a country must preserve its ability to retaliate either by responding before its own weapons are destroyed or by ensuring a second strike capability.”

Even if Japan’s Engineers could cobble together a launch-able ICBM with a Nuclear warhead in a week, that would be about 6 days and 23 hours too late.

Japan knows this.  China knows this. The USA knows this.  And this is why Japan has surely developed and built launch-able Nuclear missiles already.  You can have the coolest gun in the world, but if it has no bullets then it’s largely useless.

That is a gamble I do not see Japan being willing to take.

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