Unlike my partner in crime who is a former marine I have little experience with guns and no weapons training. I don’t inspire to become a weapons expert or create an arsenal which makes it all the more surprising how much I like C.J. Chivers’ “At War” Blog.

Also a former Marine officer Chivers writes for the NYT, has written his own book ( The Gun ) and does a bunch of freelance work for various publications.  His articles are like CSI: Warzone. Through his vast knowledge of armaments and forensic procedures he is like a gun detective delving into how weapons spread through-out the world.

Recently he did an article on how Somalian pirates are supplied with ammunition from Western companies such as “Wolf”.  In another article he detailed each step in how a super rare NATO weapon ended up in the Somali Pirate arsenal.

Wolf ammunition from Somali pirates
Picture from cjchivers.com detailing ammunition sailors from the U.S.S. Kidd collected with the Somali pirates they captured in January

Recently he has been participating in a fascinating group source forensic effort to find the makers of a Libyan cluster bomb. Found by UN teams clearing mines and unexploded munitions at various Libyan battle zones, left during the civil war that overthrew Qaddafi, weapon experts have been stumped on who made the cluster bomb.  Through his efforts he has discovered the Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions, or DPICM is of design similar to the “ground-to-ground rocket, apparently of the class known colloquially and collectively as a BM-21 Grad, the Russian word for hail. “  However since the design was lent out to Communist Bloc countries, who all created their own variants, it is virtually impossible to nail down just which of the world’s many arms factory this specific unique, never seen before, weapons platform comes from.  If you’re at all interested in weapons, or like me just like reading about them check out http://cjchivers.com/

The Cluster Bombs that have stumped the world's arms experts

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