Let the Laughs begin.

Bob Saget- Don’t Fuck a goat

From “Full House” to “America’s Funniest home videos”, I love where this has gone.  The fact that BOB SAGET was attached to, in fact the face of, two of America’s most notoriously family oriented shows is pure golden irony.  I love it.

Bill Burr- On being a Mother

Bill Burr has been doing stand up for a long time, but it seems he’s just starting to break through to the next level.  I hope he does too.  He doesn’t pander to traditional easy audiences i.e. Women, and his genuine, almost visible angst on stage is visceral and awesome.  His pod cast is totally worth listening too as well.

Louis CK – Pig newtons

Louis CK is my favorite comedian.  Not simply for his stand up but also for his views and opinions in interviews regarding everything from capitalism, kids and marriage to whether or not Dick Cheney is actually a lizard in a skin suit.  He has forged his own path and now is fully in the lime light, for how long, nobody knows but this is a funny, hard-working man.  His new stand up special is pants shitting funny and is only 5 dollars to download. FIVE DOLLARS.  This is possible because he paid for the production himself and has sold it entirely independently simply because he dislikes the current system that is set up just to rip off fans.  Awesome stuff and a very worthwhile five to spend.

The clip below is from a previous show and is classic Louis.

Jim Jefferies- God is for idiots

Maybe it’s the Aussie accent, but this man has a magical way of pissing off Americans.  The bit about religion being for dummies and those dummies heavily being Americans is almost a worn out cliché amongst British comedians.  It’s so easy it’s a low blow.  However, Jim Jefferies somehow brings it back to life.  He’s also become well-known for being able to make people in the audience so angry they actually give him free face punches.

Natasha Leggero- Toilet Babies

Natasha Leggero presses my buttons, and by that I mean my sexy time ones.  I can’t put my finger on it.  I think though, it’s a combination of her generally lazy way of speaking combined with her being hilarious.  Her being pretty hot does not hurt either.  Leggero has launched a one woman war on conventionally accepted absurdities, Hip Hop “culture” and Jerry Springer’s entire target audience.

Andrew Dice Clay- Anti Gay Rant

Andrew Dice Clay is a legend because he’s a shit-bag.  It’s that simple. He also happens to be an incredibly prolific comic, or rather he was in his time.  As of late he’s been too busy trying to get in fights with one testicled former “it” men.  This bit falls in line with the entire politically incorrect movement I am a member of.  Do I actually dislike homosexuals?  Not as a group, no.  Do I think as a group they are absolutely fucking ridiculous? Oh yeah, but no more than red necks that love NASCAR or the concept of PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL. Really? You’re a professional at bouncing a ball and our society applauds this.  That ladies and gentleman is why they hate us…now on to Andrew Dice Clay.

Sarah Silverman- Martin Luther King

This Jew Broad has single handedly pissed off a vast amount of people.  What’s left to say about Silverman?  She’s been called a hack, an unfunny whore, a Jew…add explicative.  If you can come up with it someone has said it about her, yet still she stands.

Her absolute refusal to apologize or make excuses for her jokes is probably the thing that makes her so loved/hated.

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